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Fall TV Crush: Terra Nova’s Jason O’Mara 

Photo Credit: Michael Lavine/FOX

Warning: Slight Spoilers discussed

In the year 2149, the world is dying due to overcrowding and overuse of the planet’s resources. In this scenario, most plant and animal life has become extinct. Things are so toxic, the air isn’t even healthy to breathe. Drastic measures must be taken in order to save the planet. A fractured family goes on this epic journey when they’re part of a group (the Tenth Pilgrimage) that travels back to prehistoric times — when dinosaurs roamed the earth. The plan is to resettle the world, rebuild humanity and get a second chance to do things right. That’s the premise of Fox’s new show, Terra Nova.Get a load of the pedigree on this show. The executive producers include:

  • Steven Spielberg
  • Peter Chernin, the former CEO of Fox Entertainment Group
  • Brannon Braga, a famous name in the Star Trek universe; Braga wrote and produced for TNG and Voyager and co-created Star Trek Enterprise.
  • Jon Cassar, the Emmy-winning EP and director of 24
  • Justin Falvey, one of the EPs of TNT’s Falling Skies and the upcoming ABC series The River
  • Craig Silverstein, the creator of the CW’s Nikita

With heavyweight names like those behind-the-scenes, this new drama has an excellent chance for success. Plus, the show has another thing going for it: the star of Terra Nova, Jason O’Mara, the subject of our latest Fall TV Crush.

Photo Credit: Michael Lavine/FOX

Actor: Jason O’Mara of Band of Brothers, Life on Mars and the British TV series Monarch of the Glen
Terra Nova Character: Jim Shannon
Terra Nova Assessment: Not too long into the pilot, Jim is ripped away from his family and thrown in prison. The former cop moves heaven and earth to get to Terra Nova. Once there, he has to reconnect with his family (which isn’t entirely easy), and he’s going to have to use his cop skills to help navigate this new world. And that’s not going to be easy either.
The Crush Factor (Tina): Jason O’Mara’s presence was the first reason why I was interested in checking this show out. Jason is this ruggedly hot guy, who has what it takes to carry a show. He has this great face and a rockin’ bod. I’m definitely looking forward to any and all of his action scenes. I did get the chance to see the first hour of the pilot. So, now, I’ll definitely tune into the show on a weekly basis. I like the way O’Mara’s Jim Shannon has to adapt to this new world; Jason has crazy good chemistry with his TV wife (Shelley Conn); and I love the way his character is flawed and slightly overwhelmed with events; yet, rises up to quickly become a solid force in the Tenth Pilgrimage camp. I would want a guy like Jim (and Jason) on my side without question.
The Crush Factor (Kara): I’ve been a huge fan since I first met him on The Closer. He used his pretty face to trick pretty blonde women into trusting them and then he’d kill them. His was one of the few cases Brenda Leigh Johnson could never close. Since then I’ve kept a very close eye on Jason O’Mara. Even when he’s playing a creepy psychopath, I’m engaged and that speaks volumes about his talent. It probably doesn’t hurt that he’s got a nice face and a great body. I’m really looking forward to seeing what he’ll do with this role.

Terra Nova airs Mondays on FOX at 8/7C.

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