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The Vampire Diaries “The Hybrid” 

Photo Credit: The CW

Dear Julie and Kevin: Locking up Caroline? No bueno. Locking up Mama Lockwood? GENIUS.

“The Hybrid” was chock full o’ gore (and, over it) but also had several smatterings of moments, between Elena and Damon, and Elena and Alaric, and Jeremy and Matt, and Damon and Stefan. And finally, the mother (hee) of all family talks between Tyler and his mother.

So we’re immediately following the events of the premiere. Andie’s been found and her death is rumored a suicide or homicide. Damon is still sulking. Elena’s demanding more information from him about following Stefan’s trail and when she doesn’t get it, she goes to visit a hungover Alaric. They have a heart-to-heart about his inability to self-parent or parent at all. Next, she has a chat with Tyler about where a werewolf gathering might be found. He tells her Tennessee, so she and Alaric decide to roadtrip it because they’re stupid like that.

Tyler is having a day because after Matt tells him that the coffee at the Grill is spiked with vervain per mama Forbes, he realizes that his mama spiked his coffee with vervain that morning, right on the heels of referring to Caroline as a prostitute, which he promptly put her in her place about. He goes home and confronts her and they put everything on the table about Caroline being a vampire. Tyler takes a deep breath, grows a pair, and drags his mom down to the dungeon with an “I’ll show you a monster” warning before he locks her up and transitions in front of her, which of course, freaks her right the hell out, and was AWESOME. In the aftermath, she says she’ll fix it for Caroline. If only she could. We’ll get to that.

Over in ghost chaser land, Jeremy does the hard court press to get Matt to help him summon Vicky. Matt hems until a picture moves on its own, and he turns up at Jeremy’s with a six-pack and an armful of Vicky’s belongings. Then Anna blinks in, warning Jeremy not to trust Vicky.

Up in the mountains, things go from bad to worse for a pack of werewolves that Klaus taunts and then turns and then kills, pitching a raging hissyfit at Stefan when he realizes turning them isn’t working like it’s supposed to. He wails about having followed the hybrid requirements to spec and Stefan slightly falters when Klaus refers to killing the doppelganger, but Klaus doesn’t catch it. So, Elena will be outed fairly soon.

Elena and Alaric get close enough to the action that Damon shows up to pitch Elena into the water and they have a hands-on-hips-athon about who’s right. That’s soon scrubbed when they have to run like hell from David Gallagher, whom Stefan finally kills, to save his brother. And then Damon realizes Elena has a point–Stefan isn’t lost, so they have to help him.

He and Elena have a not chat about that and Damon fairly accuses her of using him as an alternate boyfriend while Stefan is away. Alaric hears their chat and asks her if she knows what she’s doing there and she honestly answers him that she really doesn’t have a clue.

We close on Caroline chained to a chair begging Mrs. Lockwood to help her, when the door opens and in strides the man whom Mrs. Lockwood hander her off to earlier in the episode. We know this is bad. And then Caroline tells us it’s so much worse when she greets him with, “Daddy?” SO did not see that little twist.

I liked that Alaric got called on the carpet and went home. I liked that Matt and Jeremy got screentime. I LOVE that Tyler is just mowing through the bullsh-t and was proactive in getting to the bottom of where Caroline was–not just because he needed a wolfout supervisor but because he knew something wasn’t right. I liked that we got confirmation Mrs. Lockwood didn’t know about Mason, unless she’s just not ready to tip her hand yet, and definitely didn’t know about her own son.

I am decidedly NOT digging all the Klaus-induced bloodshed, particularly the playing with food beforehand. That’s old already. I don’t know how long he’ll be on the run with Stefan, but I’d be perfectly fine if he could cease the taunting–that’s just queasy TV. I’d like Bonnie back in the mix sooner than later, and I hope Caroline is back with Tyler soon, too. It’ll be a super yawn if there’s a whole fall arc of him looking for her while everybody else is looking for Stefan.

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