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Moment of Goodness

The Good Wife’s Moment of Goodness: Diane Tells Alicia and Kalinda to Make It Better 

Photo Credit: CBS

There were a lot of great, small moments that resulted in yet another stellar episode. I definitely have to give Will and Alicia some serious props for keeping their relationship under wraps like that. It’s actually kind of brilliant and it’s a great way to keep people in the office out of their business. But that wasn’t my favorite thing about this episode. My moment of goodness goes to Diane for calling Kalinda and Alicia out on their feud. I love that Diane noticed it – I mean, who wouldn’t – and told the to fix it. Diane has no interest in what’s wrong, she just wants things to go back to what they were before with these two. So do I. 

Photo Credit: CBS

Of course, that’s never really going to happen. I mean, how could it? Now that Alicia knows Kalinda slept with Peter there’s no forgetting that. But we’ve already seen how losing Alicia’s friendship has affected Kalinda. She broke off her relationship with Sophia Russo because she’s married. It’s not like Kalinda hasn’t learned a lesson here. But I can understand why Alicia may never really be able to let her off the hook. Trust is important in any relationship and Alicia’s probably not sure she’ll ever be able to trust her former best friend again. But we can all see that Alicia is suffering too. She used to tell Kalinda a lot of things and now Alicia doesn’t really have anyone to talk to. There are just things she can’t discuss with Will, things she needs a girlfriend for. Already I feel a little bit of a thaw in their icy relations. Their body language with each other was better and there was even some direct eye contact. I think Alicia could use a friend right now, considering what she’s doing. I mean, you saw the way Alicia looked at herself in the mirror at the end of the episode right? That was an amazing moment and it made me realize Alicia seriously needs a friend. And that friend should be Kalinda.

The Good Wife airs on Sundays at 9/8C.

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