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Soap Love Notes: E!’s Dirty Soap 

Photo Credit: E!

Everyone needs a little guilty pleasure in their TV watching lives and mine’s about to be E!’s new docu-series Dirty Soap. Here’s why I’m really excited about this new show. “Reality” series like Laguna Beach, The Hills and the Real Housewives franchise have been borrowing traits from daytime dramas for years. They’ve, in essence, become the new continuing drama, especially since scripted soaps have been dwindling ridiculously fast. After all, All My Children recently aired its final episode on network TV. It’s great that soap stars aren’t resting on their laurels; they have to change with the times. Many have taken to producing their own web soaps. And some are joining the reality TV game. And unlike the cast of The Hills, we know these guys and gals have actually taken some acting classes and have a massive amount of acting experience. Sorry, Heidi and Spencer. The cast of E!’s Dirty Soap is beautiful and I bet they’ll know how to drum up the drama big time. Some of the show’s players I’m looking forward to seeing the most:

Photo Credit: E!

Actress: Kelly Monaco
Soap Stats: On the late great soap, Port Charles, she was Livvie, who fell in love with Caleb, a beautiful vampire. Currently, she’s Sam McCall on ABC’s General Hospital. She was also the very first winner of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. It was her loyal soap fans who helped put her over the top.
Dirty Soap Story: According to the Dirty Soap press release, Monaco recently ended an 18-year relationship with her high-school sweetheart and now she’s ready to dive back into dating.

Photo Credit: E!

Actress: Kirsten Storms
Soap Stats: Before she was Maxie on GH, she played Belle Brady on NBC’s Days of our Lives. She’s also known to the Disney crowd for her Xenon: Girl of the 21st Century movie franchise.
Dirty Soap Story: It sounds like Kirsten will be at the center of much of the drama as she tries to figure out what went wrong with her friendship with Farah Fath, who once upon a time played Belle’s best friend Mimi on Days. Plus, she has tons of family issues to keep her busy when she’s not starring on ABC’s soon-to-be only remaining soap.

Farah Fath

Actress: Farah Fath
Soap Stats: First she was Mimi Lockhart on Days of our Lives. Then she was Gigi on ABC’s canceled One Life to Live (it goes off the air in January 2012). Yes, her characters have been named Mimi and Gigi, respectively. I kind of like that.
Dirty Soap Story: She’s dealing with her ex-BF Kirsten Storms; she’s also in a relationship with her former One Life to Live co-star John-Paul Lavoisier (aka “JP”). Right now Farah’s living a bi-coastal existence but is spending time in LA looking for her next gig and preparing to live with JP, presumably once he’s done with OLTL. She decides to  ask him about the status of their relationship. Interesting.

Nadia Bjorlin

Actress: Nadia Bjorlin
Soap Stats: She’s played Chloe on NBC’s Days of our Lives on and off since 1999.
Dirty Soap Story: First of all, she’s stunningly beautiful. Just have to get that out of the way. Right now she’s transitioning away from Days and into a movie career. I guess, we’ll be following her in her pursuit of big screen greatness. We’ll also get to see her in her relationship with fellow soap star Brandon Beemer who was once on Days but is currently making time on CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful.

Galen Gering

Actor: Galen Gering
Soap Stats: He was Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald on the now defunct soap Passions. Now he’s making time on NBC’s lone remaining soap Days where he plays Rafe.
Dirty Soap Story: Not sure exactly what his E! story will be but the guy’s a popular daytime actor; he’s such the hottie; and all the press pics for Dirty Soap that I’ve seen also picture his wife Jenna. Can’t wait to find out more.

I will definitely be watching. Will you? Dirty Soap airs Sundays at 10/9C on E!.

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