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Second Chances: Blue Bloods “Mercy” 

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I was really worried about this show after all the behind-the-scenes drama at the end of season one. I feel like it’s never a good sign when the series creators leave the show, but I’m happy to report that I loved the season 2 premiere. I had actually questioned whether or not I was even going to give this season a chance. I loved Blue Bloods when it premiered last year but as the season went on I felt like it had turned into the Danny Reagan show, and I wasn’t on board with that. It was as if the family drama aspect – which had most intrigued me – had been demoted and a crime-of-the-week agenda was all that mattered. I like procedurals but I’m not so obsessed with them that I want family or personal drama to be sacrificed in the telling of these stories. So it’s a relief that “Mercy” is a return to everything I loved about this show when I first started watching it.What is it that made this episode so great?

Photo Credit: CBS

1. Blue Bloods is a great family drama. This is a really strong ensemble so it’s nice to see most of the adult Reagans get equal face time. I’m interested in all of these characters, which is a credit to Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, and Will Estes. Lou Cariou is also great and I like the few episodes when he gets a larger role. So it’s nice to see that talent like this isn’t being squandered.

Photo Credit: CBS

2. The case-of-the week makes you think. I like that this show makes us question what we think is right and wrong and what me might do if we had the power to do the right thing or make something go away. I think it’s important for my brain to be engaged when I’m watching television. The shows I’m most passionate about make me think, question, analyze, judge, and talk (sometimes to the screen, but often with other people). I like that each Reagan connected to this week’s case had a different read on it. Who knows what’s ultimately right or wrong? If your version of seeing justice done is different than someone else’s, who is right and who is wrong ? Does it matter as long as someone pays? I don’t know the answers are but I love that this show is asking them.

Photo Credit: CBS

3. Jamie’s season long arc is interesting. Last season Jamie was caught up with the Blue Templar. This season it looks like Jamie’s going undercover to infiltrate a mob family. I like that even though Jamie’s on the force, he’s doing something completely different than Danny. In fact, all the Reagans have different “functions” within law enforcement in New York City and that’s what makes this show so fascinating to me. I like seeing how they work together or sometimes have to work against each other.

Blue Bloods airs Fridays on CBS at 10/9 c.

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