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Fringe “Neither Here Nor There” 

Photo Credit: Liane Hentscher/FOX

Fringe has returned!!! I’ve been eagerly anticipating the return all summer. Attending the Fringe panel at Comic-Con this year only whetted my appetite for more Fringe. The hilarious reel of different people auditioning for Peter really did have me thinking about how they do plan on bringing Peter back. So finally it’s back and wow did the writers outdo themselves. This is yet another world they have constructed but this time Red and Blue verse are working together in seeming harmony. In this brave new world, Peter never existed and there are noticeable differences as a result.

Most of the history is the same but now Olivia is an intensely solitary figure while Fauxlivia seems to be more malevolent and challenging. It was great to see Astrid is in the field, more involved and part of the action.

Photo Credit: Liane Hentscher/FOX

One of the biggest differences was Walter. He was still in the asylum for seventeen years but Olivia was the one who helped release him so he could return to his work. One of the things Olivia says is that Walter doesn’t have anything to tether him and ground him. We see the effects of this with Walter reacting so strongly to visions of Peter. There are several references throughout the episode focusing on being tethered to someone or something. At one point, Walter acknowledges that it’s tragic when two people who are meant to be together are robbed of this. Despite Peter not existing, it’s clear from observing everyone that his presence is truly missed and each person isn’t as good without him.

The Observers were all over this episode and, for me, overshadowed the freak-of-the week story. I’m fascinated by them and want to know more about them. What is September’s attachment to Peter? Why couldn’t he finally fix his “mistake?” What will be the fallout for his not following orders once again?

Freak-of-the-Week: The new and improved shapeshifters?!? It already has me thinking about Walternate and what he’s really up to. It’s been established that Walternate is more evil than Walter; so do we expect that he will cooperate with the red world or will he continue his evil machinations to destroy the universe he feels started the problem.

Photo Credit: Liane Hentscher/FOX

What I loved about this new reality is that we were introduced to the Lincoln Lee from our universe. When he appeared last season, I wanted him to be part of Fringe Division right away. Love how they’ve set him up as Olivia’s new partner. Do I see a triangle developing when Peter returns?

Great season premiere!!! I can’t wait to see what develops this season on Fringe.

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