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Fall TV Crush: Pan Am’s Mike Vogel and Michael Mosely 

Photo Credit: ABC

Warning: Slight spoilers discussed.

It’s 1963 and Pan Am is the most glamorous way to fly the skies. We’re all for nostalgia, especially when it depicts a time when it was exciting to travel. We love peeking behind the curtain, even if most of what we see isn’t that pretty. Stewardesses had to submit to a weekly weigh-in and all sorts of grooming and style restrictions but the trade off was world travel and intrigue. They could often speak multiple languages and even helped get people out of emergencies when called on. So while we’re excited to be along for this ride, let’s take this time to salute two of the hot guys on the show.

Photo Credit: ABC

Actor: Mike Vogel of the short-lived Miami Medical as well as feature films The Help and Blue Valentine
Pan Am Character: New promoted captain Dean Lowrey
Pan Am Assessment: Instantly likable, Captain Lowrey has his heart broken by the end of the episode. We don’t want to spoil the circumstances so we’ll keep the how of it a secret.
The Crush Factor (Kara’s Take): This picture doesn’t do Mike Vogel full justice because he is seriously smokin’. Mike Vogel may be best known for playing jerks so it’s extremely refreshing to see him play a much more sensitive guy here (and in The Help). We’ve mentioned how much we like men in uniform, right? We’d love to fly the friendly skies with him.
The Crush Factor (Tina’s Take): First, I agree with Kara about the picture. It doesn’t do him justice. So let me give you guys another delicious dose of Mike Vogel:

Mike Vogel

The first time I was introduced to Vogel, it was for his role as the soccer coach in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. If you recall, Blake Lively’s character had a crush on him. I can’t blame her one bit. He’s so pretty. I’m happy he was added to Pan Am – he’s definitely one of the big reasons why I’ll be watching.

Photo Credit: ABC

Actor: Michael Mosely of Scrubs and Justified
Pan Am Character: First Officer and Co-captain Ted Vanderway
Pan Am Assessment: This former Navy test pilot can come across as a charmer or a smarmy skirtchaser.
The Crush Factor: Even though he does come off as less that sincere, there is definitely something below the surface here. We like men in uniform so there’s not much to dislike on that account. We think he’ll prove himself worthy in other ways as well. For now, we’ll deem him hot but we reserve the right to change our minds at a later date.

Pan Am airs Sundays at 10/9C on ABC.

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