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Moment of Goodness

Parks And Rec’s Moment of Goodness: Ben Breaks Up With Leslie 

Photo Credit: NBC

I love Ben and Leslie as a couple but I have to admit the most fun part about their relationship (for me) was seeing them try to hide it. Talk about hilarious. The second most fun part (again, for me) was seeing them fight their attraction for each other before they got together. And now they’re together…oh wait, no they’re not. But it’s for a good reason. 

Sort of. So we all know Leslie has big political aspirations. But since Ben is her boss it would be highly inappropriate – and even scandalous – for them to be dating. But since Leslie isn’t planning on announcing her canidacy for three months she figures she has time and she’s certainly in no rush to break up with Ben. But when that time table is moved up Leslie goes into a panic. After several failed attempts to end things, Ben steps up and does it for her. He knows she’s been struggling to break things off and even though he doesn’t want to break up, he knows he needs to. And the way he does it? Cute on two levels. First, there’s the Knope 2012 button. Awwww. And then there’s the it’s-not-you-it’s-me speech. Awwww. He is such a keeper. Most of me wants Leslie to follow her dream to become an elected official but part of me wants her to be with Ben. I know there’s a future for these two so I’m not too worried. It will be very funny watching them try to stay apart.

Parks and Recreation airs at 8:30/7:30 c on NBC.

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