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Fall TV Crush: The Guys of the CW’s Supernatural 

Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/The CW

There’s a special place in our hearts for the guys of Supernatural. We have nothing but love for this show and its cast and crew — especially the three stars at the center of this particular Fall TV Crush. Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins are so hot it’s criminal. And they’re all wickedly funny, too. This tantalizing trifecta of awesomeness constantly mesmerizes us with equal parts talent, looks and personality. We have no choice but to fall in love with their CW alter egos. It’s not fair, really. No one should be that freakin’ fine. Yes, there’s no sexier trio on TV. We call ’em like we see ’em. Consider us biased. We’re okay with that.

The Gorgeous Guys of the CW’s Supernatural

Jensen Ackles, Dean “I think I’m adorable” Winchester

Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/The CW

Tina: I always go back to the line from Season 2’s “Tall Tales” when describing Jensen Ackles and how spectacularly beautiful he is. “Sorry, I can’t even concentrate. It’s like staring into the sun.” Yes, his hotness is blinding. But he’s more than that. Dean Winchester is my favorite TV character of all time and that’s because of Jensen. Yes, it doesn’t hurt that he’s stunning to look at on every level. I won’t even dissect his amazing assets because we’ve heard it all before. After all, the show is going into Season 7 (yay!). I’m just thankful that this actor was hired to play this character. Dean Winchester’s not your stereotypical young, arrogant dude with a chip on his shoulder. He’s this fully, fleshed out hunter that can make me cry as easily as he can make me laugh. Jensen’s fearless as an actor. His consistently fantastic performances only add to his supreme sexiness.

Kara: I’ve been a fan since Days of Our Lives. I don’t remember what I was watching recently, but they flashed back to the late 1990s and there was Jensen looking all fetus-like and blond. Still hot, even back then. I remember (fondly) his time on Dark Angel, Dawson’s Creek, and Smallville but it wasn’t until Supernatural that I realized what a great actor he is. I’d probably been distracted by the pretty face before, but with this role I saw how good he was. He gets to play such a great variety of emotions and he sells it every time. I had no idea he could be so funny or so emotional. He’s made me cry and laugh too many times to count. So on top of the great package, I’ve also come to respect him as a great actor. What’s hotter than that?

Jared Padalecki, Sam “I lost my shoe” Winchester

Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/The CW

Tina: Jared might possibly have the best body in all of TV Land. I don’t know if there’s an official survey that has been taken yet; but I don’t think there’s anyone who would argue with me. Please grab your Season 6 DVDs and cue up “The Third Man” for proof positive that Jared’s body of work can’t be beat. Those pull-ups and sit-ups pretty much short-circuited my brain. Wonder if there’ll be more of that this season? I’ve also taken quite a liking to those dimples of his. But what I may dig most about Jared — and what probably takes him over the top in the sexy department for me – is his sense of humor. Sam Winchester may not bring the funny but Jared sure does. Every chance he gets. And while that’s cool, Mr. Padalecki can get downright crazy hot when playing Sam’s dark side. Dark Sam rules.

Kara: The first time I “met” Jared Padalecki was during an episode of The Gilmore Girls. Of course the first thing you notice about him is his height. Now, I like me a tall man so that piqued my interest right away. The second thing I noticed was that pretty face. I mean, this was a family friendly show. I can’t even remember if we ever saw his bare chest during his time in Stars Hollow. So I was content with those pretty blue eyes and those adorable dimples. When I heard he was doing Supernatural I was really excited. A tale of two brothers traveling the lonely highways and fighting evil? Hot! I don’t remember the first time he took his shirt of on this show, but I’m sure I was impressed. I don’t think I became truly worshipful until he started doing the serious body building/training. I mean, I’d still like his if he was less muscle-y but I enjoy the show every time I see his rippling chest. I’m just saying.

Misha Collins, Castiel or in Season 7, Our Lord Almighty

Photo Credit: Jordan Nuttal/The CW

Tina: He’s magnificent and has a magnetic personality. He instantly captures your attention with those mesmerizing eyes of his. Who better to play God than him? Well over a couple hundred thousand Supernatural fanatics already worship at his altar also known as his twitter account. He instills this unending loyalty in his followers (aka minions); it’s fascinating, really. What makes him so utterly delicious is his quirky sense of humor; the fact he turned what could have been an epic fail of a character into a character of substance and a source of joy for all those who love Cas; plus, Misha has taken his popularity and done something positive with it (the creation of his Random Acts organization). I know I’m anxious to find out how Castiel will be incorporated into Season 7. You just can’t deny the sexiness of the force of nature known as Misha Collins.

Kara: I had no idea who this Misha Collins guy was when we first met Castiel back in 2008 but I quickly became a fan. There are so many things that make Misha delicious. First of all, that voice. It is so deep and so sexy. I had no idea it was way below Misha’s natural register. Second of all, that trench coat. In the history of TV, I’m not sure any other actor has done what Misha Collins has done for the trench coat. He makes it so incredibly sexy. You kind of forget it’s the only thing he ever wears. Third of all, that whole angel thing. I love that he takes things so literally and seriously. I love that he was once so loyal and like a brother to Dean. I love that he can play such a wide variety of emotions with such subtlety. I, like you, am scared about Misha’s future on this show. I hope they find a way to bring the Cas we know and love back to us. Until then, I’ll try to keep enjoying that pretty package.

Supernatural kicks off Season 7 with “Meet the New Boss” premiering tonight at 9/8C on the CW.

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