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Fall TV Crush: Fringe’s Joshua Jackson and Seth Gabel 

Photo Credit: Andrew Matusik/FOX

How cool is it that we get a Season 4 of Fox’s Fringe? As we know, the Season 3 finale unloaded a cliffhanger so huge, there needs to be a new word for it. Peter’s gone. Not just gone, gone. But never existed gone. So we are looking forward to seeing how that’s handled as well as what Fringe life will be like now that the two realities have seemingly merged. With all these complicated things going on, we feel the need to dip our feet in the shallow end of the pool. When this show taxes our brain cells, it’s always nice to calm things down and simply enjoy the view. And from where we’re sitting? The view is mighty fine.

Joshua Jackson, Peter Bishop

Photo Credit: Andrew Matusik/FOX

Tina: Fringe is a show that giveth so much and then taketh away so much too. Each season the producers and writers give us clever, fascinating tales that feature supernatural events and creatures, alternate realities and quite complex characters. And what do they take away you ask? Joshua Jackson. When the show goes “over there,” Peter doesn’t. So there are two Olivias and Walters but only one Peter. Which means he’s only in half the episodes. And I cope with that. But now the powers that be make it so Peter doesn’t exist at all? What are they doing to me? I adore Peter. I kind of worship Joshua Jackson. I mean, he was once Pacey Witter. How could I not? I am definitely interested in how the show will tackle this non-existent Peter business. But then I hope the young, flawed, seriously smokin’ hot Bishop comes back into our lives. And all will be made right. And I can sit back, relax and enjoy a show that’s a hundred times smarter than me; and I can satisfy my shallow side and bask in the rugged handsomeness that is Joshua Jackson and his alter ego, Peter Bishop.

Kara: Just like Tina, I’ve been a fan of Joshua Jackson since his days on Dawson’s Creek. And I’m such a fan that I’m surprised I didn’t at least sample the Fringe pilot when it originally aired. As you may or may not know, I got with the program this summer and it was magical. I think I consumed all 3 seasons in something like a week. It was crazy and awesome and I was all about Fringe that week. I’m still kinda all about Fringe (along with a handful of my other favorite shows). But a big part of the Fringe-love is Joshua Jackson. He’s got this great presence I really respond to. And of course, that very nice face.

Seth Gabel, Lincoln Lee

Photo Credit: Andrew Matusik/FOX

Tina: On ABC’s short-lived soap opera, Dirty Sexy Money, Seth Gabel was adorably cute as the fabulously messed up Jeremy Darling. On Fringe, he plays Lincoln Lee, a character who has great chemistry with Fauxlivia. He helped her give birth to Peter’s baby and you could really tell he had fallen in love with his colleague. I don’t know what has gone on between DSM and Fringe, but Seth has evolved from adorable and cute to adorable and totally frakkin’ sexy. Whatever he’s done, I approve. I’m downright giddy about his becoming a series regular this season.

Kara: I have never been a Seth Gabel fan until I was introduced to Lincoln Lee. Now I can’t get enough of him. I love him in this world and the altverse. It’s so exciting that we’re going to get a season’s worth of Lincoln Lee now that Seth Gabel is a series regular. I can’t wait to see what (if anything) develops between Fauxlivia and Lincoln. We know he’s carrying a major torch for her. Without Peter in the picture (at least for now), maybe something will happen there. I think she should give him a chance. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that face every morning?

Fringe airs Fridays at 9/8C on FOX.

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