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Fall TV Crush: A Gifted Man’s Patrick Wilson 

Photo Credit: Heather Wines/CBS

We don’t know too much about CBS’ A Gifted Man other than Patrick Wilson plays a surgeon who begins to see his dead ex-wife everywhere. Is she a ghost or just a figment of his imagination? Is this a supernatural-type drama or just a plain ol’ character-driven medical series? We have no idea. What we do have a clue about is the main reason we’re even going to tune into this new fall series. Two words. Patrick Wilson. A lot of movie stars like Patrick have made their way to primetime TV. We’re ecstatic he decided to make his small screen debut as a series lead.

Photo Credit: Heather Wines/CBS

Actor: Patrick Wilson of Broadway fame as well as the films Watchmen and Morning Glory
A Gifted Man Character: Brilliant, charismatic surgeon Michael Holt
Character Assessment: Sounds like this surgeon is going to get deconstructed in a big way. He starts off as the stereotypical cocky, workaholic, materialistic doctor with a God complex. Slowly but surely, we’ll see him change his shallow existence thanks to the presence of his dead ex-wife that mysteriously appears to him.
The Crush Factor (Tina’s Take): My crush probably developed after going to the movie theater to see Watchmen, Morning Glory and The A-Team. I might have gone to see those flicks because of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Harrison Ford and Bradley Cooper; but my enjoyment of those films increased a million times over because of Patrick. He’s so handsome; extremely talented; and he has this sweet, huggable look to him. It’s true. Now we get to witness his hotness on a weekly basis? Please, let this show be a hit. I’m putting that out in the universe right now; so the TV gods and goddesses will listen and make sure Patrick Wilson is around on the small screen for years to come.
The Crush Factor (Kara’s Take): Patrick Wilson made it onto my radar with his starring role in Little Children. I remember seeing it for the first time because I was at the Toronto Film Festival and Kate Winslet introduced the film (I love her to pieces, by the way). And it was such a different movie than I expected. If you’ve seen it, you’ve also had the pleasure of seeing almost every square inch of Patrick Wilson’s naked body. Let me tell you, it’s very nice. But more than that, I found him to be a really gifted and engaging actor. And that’s pretty hot too. He made a fan out of me that day and I’ve been following his career ever since. I’m so glad he’s decided to grace the small screen with his presence.

A Gifted Man airs Fridays at 8/7C on CBS.

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