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Fall TV Crush: Parks and Rec’s Rob Lowe 

Photo Credit: NBC

I’ve been a Rob Lowe fan for a while. He was pretty amazing on The West Wing, really great (when he got the screen time) on Brothers & Sisters, and pretty phenomenal on Parks and Recreation so far. I hope to see him in more episodes this season but if I’m forced to see him only sparingly – like last year – I’ll just have to muddle through.

So aside from the great roles and great acting, what makes him hot? Um, you’ve see his face right? And his body? But for me, what makes Rob Lowe’s Chris Traeger so appealing is his directness (I actually love the finger pointing when he’s talking to people and thae fact that he says their first and last name) and his unexpectedness. There were a few things I didn’t see coming that I really enjoyed last season. First: He broke up with Ann Perkins. What a surprise. But the way both he and Rashida Jones played that was great. Second: He hired April Ludgate to (briefly) be his assistant. Talk about a situation ripe for comedy. Aubrey Plaza‘s deadpan delivery is brilliant. I love her. Third: His crazy dancing at April and Andy’s wedding reception. So funny and so unexpected. And those are only a few of the reasons I love the character.

As an actor, I think Rob Lowe has made some interesting career choices and I like that. Obviously, there is The West Wing. I still think so fondly about that show (except for the Aaron Sorkin-less season, which I couldn’t watch). We all know he turned down the role of McDreamy on Grey’s – a very good decision as far as I’m concerned. And even with missteps like Dr. Vegas and The Lyons Den, I like that he was trying to find another great role. I thought Rob Lowe had hit the jackpot as Robert McCallister on Brothers & Sisters but I must applaud him for leaving the show and taking a risk on a show like this. I don’t think I ever considered Rob Lowe funny before and now I think he’s hilarious.

Parks and Recreation premieres tonight on NBC at 8:30 / 7:30C.

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