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NCIS Season 9 Wish List 

Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

NCIS is back (yes!) and I’ve created my wish list for Season 9. I’m well aware I’m asking for a lot. I think I’ve made a couple of these wishes before. It doesn’t hurt to put it out there in the TV universe again. I’ll love this show regardless but it’ll be even better if any of these things come true.

Warning: Spoilers discussed

  • No more stories that end with a whimper. While I really liked the last scene of the S8 finale, which was Tony getting a mysterious assignment from the SecNav, the wrap up of the P2P killer storyarc was unsatisfactory.
  • I want the 200th episode to be about the entire team and not just one character. Other (dead) characters I’d like to see return along with Mike Franks, Shannon and Kelly? Paula Cassidy and Caitlyn Todd. It would be great to see Sasha Alexander appear on another episode of NCIS.
  • How great would it be to have a crossover with NCIS and TNT’s Rizzoli and Isles? I’d love to see Ducky and Dr. Maura Isles (formerly NCIS’ Caitlyn Todd) share autopsy scenes together.
  • I know everybody’s going to get their chance to shine in the spotlight but some of my favorite moments on this show are when it’s the team versus the world. They’re working together; finishing each other’s sentences; and being very competent in solving cases.
  • Having said that, Gibbs needs a love interest; it’s been a long time. I’m wondering if Jamie Lee Curtis will be said love interest. Hope so.
  • While I’m happy we’re finally getting some family time with McGee (when Lily Tomlin joins the show for an episode), I’m wondering if we’ll get to see Beth Riesgraf back on the show; and if McGee’s still dating her gamer character. I’d like to see her back on NCIS.
  • A Tony and Abby buddy episode. Get Abby out of the lab and out in the world — let her and Tony rely on each other to solve a case. I just love these two together — and not in a shipper way — I just think they have a nice friends-type chemistry and would love the show to explore that.
Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS
  • I’d like to see other friendships explored even more: Ziva and McGee; Ducky and Gibbs; Tony and Jimmy.
  • Ducky’s reportedly getting a story this season which is cool. I wish they had done more with the medical examiner when his mother passed. It was so sad and I felt the show didn’t give it as much attention as it should have.
  • I can’t wait for Jimmy’s wedding to be featured near the end of S9. I hope the wedding is hilarious, romantic and, of course, highly dramatic. And, once again, how is Brian Dietzen not a series regular yet?
  • I would like Jackson Gibbs and Anthony Dinozzo Sr. to appear in the same episode. And meet each other. I have to be specific because knowing this show they would appear in the same episode and Ralph Waite and Robert Wagner wouldn’t have any scenes together.
  • I would like some mama drama thrown in for a change. There are so many daddy issues on this show, we need equal time with the mommy issues. At least we’re getting some grandmother love with McGee. I would love to find out what happened with Tony’s mom.
  • As for Ziva, I’d like her to get some sense of stability and happiness. I’d also like her to kick more butt in Season 9. One thing this show lacks a lot of is action. Ziva’s usually responsible for what little there is; so here’s to hoping she can help drum up the action.
  • I can’t wait to see how CI-Ray figures into the equation. According to, Gary Glasberg says he’s headed back our way sometime mid-season. I’d like for him not to die. Ziva lost Michael Rivkin and that Dead Man Walking. So hopefully Ray doesn’t go that way.
Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS
  • I’d like to see Vance get along with the team rather than be a source of drama. It’s about time Vance and the lead investigative team at NCIS get on the same page. I wouldn’t mind seeing his wife Jackie again too.
  • If there are any more long-term arcs focusing on a certain case, I really want it to pack a powerful punch; be well written; and showcase our entire team. The acting will always be there. I want the strength to be in the writing.
  • When Gary Glasberg says we’re going to learn something about Abby’s family that “no one is going to see coming,” I hope that’s true. I want to be surprised by this show. I want this show to wow me.
Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS
  • Oh and I’d like many, many, many awesome Gibbs and Dinozzo moments. Please. And I’d like to see where Tony and Abby both live. Ziva has a new apartment we haven’t seen. Does McGee still live in the same small apartment? We’ve seen everything about Gibbs’ house for the last two seasons. Time to see some other real estate.

The NCIS Season 9 premiere starts tonight at 8/7C on CBS.

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