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Fall TV Crush: NCIS’ Michael Weatherly 

Photo Credit: CBS

What to say about Michael Weatherly who plays Very Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo on CBS’ number one scripted TV series, NCIS. He is a great looking guy but his sexiness goes off the charts when you add in his sense of humor. The man is freakin’ hilarious. Seriously. Have you watched interviews featuring Weatherly? He always brings the funny. And the good sound bites. And the self-deprecating comments. He’s gotta be a fun guy to have at a party; he’ll make sure the witty repartee never ends. He’s probably the only actor who can do a solo DVD commentary and I sit there and listen in fascination to every word. Oh, he’ll ramble on and on and go way off topic but what he says is almost always interesting. Gotta love a guy who’s hot and hilarious.

Photo Credit: CBS

I also happen to have a crush on Weatherly’s TV character. Yes, Tony Dinozzo’s completely obnoxious. I don’t mind that. He occasionally goes overboard but that’s all part of loving Dinozzo. I accept his flaws. Dinozzo’s funny (just like the actor who plays him); he’s quick with a movie reference; he supports his friends; he has a massive hero worship going for Gibbs; and he looks amazing in his Ermenegildo Zegna suit, his Armani tie, Dolce & Gabana shirt and his Gucci shoes. However, I kind of prefer it when he’s a bit more casual and he shows up to work in jeans. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen often enough for me. And lately, I’ve really liked the longer hair he’s been sporting. However, some of my favorite moments are when Tony drops the funny guy act and he gets real; and it’s all completely adorable and makes me love him even more. Hence, my crush on this TV character.
Michael Weatherly does an excellent job playing Dinozzo when he’s given great stuff to work with as well as the other times when he’s not given great stuff to work with. I’m happy he’s achieved success on NCIS and can’t wait to see him in action this season.

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