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Moving Pictures Preview: Jail Time on H50, The Mentalist and House 

Warning: Slight Spoilers Ahead

Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Here’s a little bit of a trend: three of Fall TV’s hottest characters start off their respective seasons behind bars. Sexy and in trouble with the law. How are these characters going to get out of jail and back to work solving cases of the criminal and medical variety? We’ll all have to tune into the season premieres of CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 and The Mentalist as well as FOX’s House to find out.

Photo Credit: Mario Perez /CBS

Show: Hawaii Five-0
Episode: “Ha’iole” (Unbreakable)
Airdate: Monday September 19 @ 10/9C on CBS
CBS Synopsis: Steve McGarrett sits in prison awaiting trial for murder of the governor.
The Moving Picture: Do you see Steve being led around in chains? Poor McGarrett, he walked right into a trap at the end of last season. Wo Fat set him up but good. The governor is dead and almost everyone thinks Steve did the bad deed. However, we know Steve is going to get out of those shackles and out of jail but I wonder how easy or difficult it’s going to be? The season finale was definitely exciting and I’m interested to see how things are going to be resolved.
More Season 2 Thoughts: The show seems to be making some really great moves by populating the new season with powerhouse actors like Terry O’Quinn, Tom Sizemore, Richard T. Jones and Autumn Reeser. Can’t wait to see how all these actors will fit in. Here’s hoping Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park will be utilized in a more satisfactory way in Season 2. And I wonder which way Danny’s love life is going to go. But for right now, I really want to know how Danny’s going to help get McGarrett out of his predicament.

Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Show: The Mentalist
Episode: “Scarlett Ribbons”
Airdate: Thursday September 22 @ 10/9C on CBS
CBS Synopsis: In prison for killing his nemesis, Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) must prove that the man he shot really was Red John.
The Moving Picture: First impressions of this picture. I loved it for purely shallow reasons. How does Simon Baker manage to look so damn hot in his prison blues? That look on his face is downright devilish. Second, I don’t know why but I think it’s funny how Jane’s decked out in prison blues while everyone surrounding him is wearing orange jumpsuits. Good choice, I think. And finally, did he actually shoot the real Red John? The Red John that looked a lot like West Wing alum Bradley Whitford? I loved that the show used Whitford in this creepy role in the Season 3 finale, by the way. The scene was pretty intense; I can’t believe Jane just shot him in the middle of the mall and then simply sat down at his table and took a sip of his drink calmly waiting to be arrested. So cold.

Photo Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Show: House
Episode: “Twenty Vicodin”
Airdate: Monday October 3 @ 9/8C on FOX
Synopsis: No official synopsis as of yet
The Moving Picture: Huddy’s no more; and it seems like after crashing his car into his ex’s house, House has lost more than just his significant other and his dignity. He’s lost his freedom. And unsurprisingly, the damaged doctor isn’t making a lot of friends in jail. His unfiltered mouth will undoubtedly get him into massive amounts of trouble behind bars. But I bet he manages to do some good too. In Season 8, Lisa Edelstein is out; Odette Annable and Charlyne Yi are in. No word yet on whether this season is the final season of House.

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