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Guest Star Goodness

It Was So Good To See You (Week of 9/12) 

Cable TV provided the most interesting faces on TV this past week with a lot of great actors and actresses showing up on September 12 in episodes of The Lying Game, Warehouse 13, and Alphas.

Stacy Edwards

First on The Lying Game, actress Stacy Edwards appeared as Annie Hobbs, the woman suspected to be the biological mother of twins Emma and Sutton. While Stacy is probably best known for her role in Chicago Hope, she got her start in the soap opera Santa Barbara and has appeared in episodes of Without a Trace, CSI, Cold Case, NCIS, Veronica Mars, and Criminal Minds. More recently she appeared in Hawthorne, Terriers, Hawaii Five-0, The Mentalist, and Make It or Break It.

Alessandra Toressani. Photo Credit: Syfy
Anthony Michael Hall. Photo Credit: Syfy

Over on Warehouse 13, actress Alessandra Toressani and actor Anthony Michael Hall both appeared in the episode. Alessandra’s character was the dream girl of a delusional former high school classmate who was using an artifact to protect the girl who didn’t even know he existed. Whereas, Anthony Michael appeared as the wheelchair bound man who is behind the team going after the warehouse team as well as the Regents. Alessandra is best known for her role on the short-lived series Caprica, but she has appeared in shows like ER, Popular, JAG, Malcolm in the Middle, Bones, CSI, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Meanwhile, Anthony Michael is best known for his TV role in Stephen King’s The Dead Zone.

Brent Spiner. Photo Credit: Syfy
Rebecca Mader. Photo Credit: Syfy

Later that night on Alphas, actor Brent Spiner and actress Rebecca Mader both appeared in the episode. Brent appeared as a OBGYN who was being held by the Alphas team because of his believed involvement with Red Flag while Rebecca was an Alpha who had the unusual ability of appearing in people’s blind spot being able to hide in plain sight. TV viewers, obviously known Brent from his legendary role in Star Trek: The Next Generation and several of its box office films. He also appeared in the short-lived TV series Threshold. Rebecca, on the other hand, is best known for her role on Lost, but has also been seen in No Ordinary Family and the short-lived series Justice.

Alex Carter

Then over on Haven on September 16, actor Alex Carter appeared as the father of a missing teenage boy who ended up being the boyfriend of a teenage girl who was also a wendigo. Alex has had recurring roles in CSI, Lincoln Heights, Burn Notice, and Wildfire. He also starred in the short-lived shows Point Pleasant and Veritas: The Quest. Most recently he has guest starred in episodes of Castle, 24, Leverage, and Ghost Whisperer.
This coming week will be interesting because it is the official start of the 2011-2012 Fall TV season and it is almost sure to include some great familiar faces.  Who did you see on your favorite shows this past week that you recognized?  Please share.

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