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Fall TV Crush: The Guys of ABC’s Castle 

Photo Credit: ABC

Season 4 Castle returns tonight, and we’ll finally get to see what happens after the massive cliffhanger creator Andrew Marlowe and the rest of the Castle crew laid on us back in May. It’s been a cruel, cruel summer but we’re finally about to get answers. Will Beckett be okay? Of course she will. But, ultimately, we can’t wait to see how that all happens. After all, Castle told her he loved her. Will that be dealt with in the first episode? Also, Captain Roy Montgomery is gone and a new leader has been hired — she’s played by Penny Johnson Jerald. How will this affect the team dynamics? And more importantly, will she accept Castle?

Now, before we get into the guys of Castle, let’s talk about the women of the show first:

Photo Credit: ABC

Stana Katic is one of the most beautiful actresses on TV. Even though she has these supreme super model looks, she makes us buy that Kate Beckett’s this tough, hard-nosed cop. Yet, she’s also a bit of a geek. We love how she pretty much goes fangirl over her partner’s books.

Photo Credit: ABC

Tamala Jones as medical examiner Lanie Parish (I love this name), is quite stunning as well. Our wish is that: a) Lanie is in every episode; b) TPTB can figure out how to include her in the action more; c) They don’t mess up Esplanie — I love Lanie and Esposito, so here’s hoping they don’t have too bumpy a ride in Season 4.

Photo Credit: ABC

Molly Quinn is freakin’ adorable. Alexis’ relationship with Castle is one of my favorite things about this show. This unstoppable father-daughter duo is possibly the best on all of TV.

Photo Credit: ABC

And then there’s Susan Sullivan. The woman is just ageless and is such a classic beauty. She has a winning chemistry with her son on the show, Nathan Fillion. Yes, the fierce and fine females of Castle have it all going on. Just like the men.

Speaking of which, we’ve got huge crushes on Nathan Fillion, Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever. Plus, we included one more magnificent male, because he’s in the Season 4 premiere. We’ll let you discover for yourself below.

The gorgeous guys of ABC’s Castle

Nathan Fillion, Rick Castle

Photo Credit: ABC

Tina: He exudes this sexiness that comes from his good looks + his charming personality. His sense of humor may be what puts him over the top in the hotness department. It’s infectious. There’s a reason why Nay-Fi is consistently one of the most popular actors on the small screen. He’s someone I will watch anytime and anywhere. Doesn’t matter what project. He’s been on my radar since his One Life to Live days. And as funny as he is, I wait for those times that he gets to show some vulnerability. That’s when his adorable quotient goes through the roof. You just want to protect him. I just can’t quit him. He’s much too awesome.

Kara: It’s safe to say I’ve been a fangirl since Buffy. Yes, he’s easy on the eyes but what I love more is his sense of playfulness and fun. I believe him when he plays the big bad – which he’s done in both Buffy and Dr. Horrible – but I love it more when he makes me laugh at him and/or his character. His relationship with Beckett is unconventional in a lot of ways. I kind of see him as the feminine half of this equation, and I can’t get enough of that.

Jon Huertas, Detective Javier Esposito

Photo Credit: ABC

Tina: Oh man, Jon Huertas is simply exquisite, isn’t he? He has this way of being a tough guy one second and then goofy the next. I think all the guys on this show have this talent. And I’m so glad they do. This tough-goofy combo is hella sexy in my book. His sexiest scene may have been in that episode where we finally saw Lanie and Esposito together. They were both called to a crime scene. Loved what Lanie said before they parted: “Javier Esposito. When we get to this crime scene, do not wink at me. Do not smile at me and don’t even look at me with those puppy-dog eyes. Got it?” Love that Lanie pointed out his puppy-dog eyes.

Kara: You may or may not know Jon Huertas used to be a military man before he got into acting. And if there’s one thing I love, it’s a man in a uniform. Even though he’s a plainclothes cop, to me he still exudes that air of authority. We don’t need him to flash that badge to know he’s in charge. I love his relationships with everyone on the show, but I feel like we really get to know him through his interactions with Lanie and Ryan. I love me some Esplanie and I hope to see that relationship continue to flourish. I also love the bromance he’s got going on with Esposito. I don’t know if you watched the recent Castle mini-marathon on TNT, but one of my favorite scenes was Ryan and Esposito talking about The Jonas Brothers – with authority. So funny, so cute, so unexpected.

Seamus Dever, Detective Kevin Ryan

Photo Credit: ABC

Tina: OK, Detective Ryan’s slightly more goofy than tough guy but that works for him. And believe me, he can turn the tough guy on when he needs to turn it on. Seamus Dever is ridiculously cute; in fact, he’s downright adorkable. I love the chemistry he shares with his partner in crime-fighting (Jon Huertas); as well as the comraderie those two now share with Beckett and Castle. Each season, these relationships have deepened. Det. Ryan is fierce, fun and is responsible for one of the show’s best awww moments when he proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of the precinct. He was brave, scared and incredibly romantic all at the same time. That’s sexy.

Kara: I don’t remember exactly when it happened, but there was an episode (maybe in season 2?) when we finally got more face time with Ryan and Esposito. And it was so welcome. The more I get to know these guys the more I like them. And what I might like best about Ryan is his sensitivity. He’s such a caring, thoughtful guy. Anytime he talks about his fiancee Jenny (and real-life wife!), you can see what a caring guy he is. But he’s also got Esposito’s back 100% and that’s what you need in a partner. It’s kind of hard to talk about Ryan without talking about Esposito too, but I think that just reinforces what great partners they are. You can’t have one without the other and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Victor Webster, Dr. Josh Davidson

Photo Credit: ABC

Tina: OK, so Victor Webster’s not a regular on this show. And he probably won’t make it past the Season 4 premiere. And he plays an obstacle keeping Beckett and Castle from getting together. I know all this. Yet, he’s part of this because he’s so damn hot. Don’t kill us for including him. Here’s the thing. I’ll be OK with Josh not being in the middle anymore because I truly want Caskett to happen. But, come on, do you blame TV Goodness for featuring the fine specimen that is Victor Webster on this list? We hope not. Much like Nathan Fillion, I will watch whatever this guy is on. I just hope he will be cast as a regular on his own series so we’ll all be able to watch him on a weekly basis. I’m putting that out there in the universe. Let’s hope it happens.

Kara: Such a tall drink of water and I cannot stand him on this show. At first I thought it would be fun to have him as an obstacle to Caskett, but lately I just want to punch his pretty face. And it is gorgeous along with his hot bod. I have enjoyed him recently on shows like Necessary Roughness and Drop Dead Diva, but his time on Castle had better be drawing to a close. And I agree with Tina: someone out there needs to offer Victor Webster a series regular gig. I’d watch that show.

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