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Relationship Recap: Parker and Kim Are in Love (Again) on Drop Dead Diva 

Photo Credit: Lifetime

I was really happy when Kim woke up in Parker’s bed in “Ah, Men.” I was a little worried earlier in the episode that Kim was romantically interested in Gil McKinney’s Pastor Ben Logan. I can understand why she would be (um, he’s cute) but I knew she really belonged with Parker. Even though Parker doesn’t have the best track record with women – namely treating them with the respect they deserve and breaking up with them in a considerate way – I think he and Kim are made for each other.I don’t know if Parker has even technically learned his lesson where women are concerned. Kim broke his heart and he couldn’t understand why she had no interest in reuniting with him. What I assumed she needed to see was that he meant something to her (which he proved a few times) and that maybe he was willing to change his behavior. What we saw was a guy with a broken heart for a while, who eventually took up with Sharon Lawrence‘s Bobby Dobkins. I actually kind of loved that relationship. I was ready for Parker to stop pining for Kim and I love that he was interested in someone older. I mean, Sharon Lawrence is super sexy so I feel like her age will never matter. But I didn’t really like the way he was planning to break up with her. To me, it felt like Parker was reverting back to some bad habits. And that Parker is not worthy of Kim.

Even though Kim is one of those women other women have a hard time getting along with she deserves love. I think Parker knows the mistakes he’s made in the past and will try very hard not to repeat them. It’ll be interesting to see what Brandy Norwood‘s Elisa Shayne does to their relationship. We all know it’s just a matter or time before both Parker and Kim find out Parker is the father of Elisa’s son. I’d like to see Parker step up and be a part of the kid’s life. I’d also like to see Kim support him. I’m rooting for these two.

Drop Dead Diva airs Sundays at 9/8 c on Lifetime.

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