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Fall TV Crush: Gale Harold and Adam Harrington, The CW’s The Secret Circle 

Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/ The CW

Warning: Slight Spoilers discussed

The Secret Circle hits the CW right after The Vampire Diaries on Thursday nights. While the teens on the show are all easy on the eyes, we’ve got a thing for a couple of the adults on the show; namely Adam Harrington and Gale Harold.

Adam Harrington

Actor: Adam Harrington of Dexter and Whistler
TSC Character: Ethan Conant
The Crush Factor: I think I might have a thing for blonds (or guys with light hair), because Adam Harrington is far and away the hottest guy on this show. Yes, he’s even hotter than Gale Harold and I think that man is sex personified. I remember Adam Harrington from his brief arc on Dexter last year so I guess he made an impression. I, however, don’t think being the town drunk is hot at all. But when Tina and I saw him at the Paley Fall TV preview last week, he was far from tipsy and oh-so-attractive in a dark shirt and jeans. I liked his charisma and how he talked about his character with wit and intelligence. I think I need to stop typing because I’m starting to feel like a bit of a stalker. Bottom line: He – and Gale Harold – are two compelling reasons for me to tune into this show every week.

Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/ The CW

Actor: Gale Harold of Queer as Folk, Desperate Housewives and Hellcats
TSC Character: Charles Meade
The Crush Factor: I’m definitely a fan of Adam Harrington but don’t let Kara fool you. There’s no one hotter on The Secret Circle than Gale Harold. Sorry, that’s just a fact. He’s highly crush-worthy in my book. It all started back in the day when he was Brian Kinney on Showtime’s Queer as Folk. Brian was such a cocky, seemingly unfeeling jerk yet I couldn’t help but love him anyways. He was my favorite character. It was completely clear why Brian could get any guy he wanted.

Now, on the CW’s The Secret Circle, Harold’s playing this very mysterious character with strong ties to the town of Chance Harbor. The first time we see Charles Meade, he’s doing something unbelievably awful; so I’m extremely intrigued by what this guy is going to do next. I think we’re going to be waiting a while to see specifically what his agenda is, but for right now, it doesn’t seem like it’s anything remotely good or decent. I love it when Gale Harold gets to play on the dark side. His sexy factor goes through the roof. If it’s even possible for him to look any sexier. 

The Secret Circle debuts tonight at 9/8C on The CW.

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