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CBS’ Unforgettable Preview 

Photo Credit: CBS

Full disclosure: I have a huge girl crush on Poppy Mongtomery. A few weekends back, I came across a TV movie she did several years ago with Thomas Gibson and was sotted again. My crush dates way way back there to a short-lived WB series called Glory Days that she did with a pre-CSI: NY Eddie Cahill and pre-Everwood Emily VanCamp. It seriously needs to be a DVD set. So, she went from that to Without a Trace, which I watched faithfully for about three seasons until I just got to a place that the focus of that show was too dark for me. Unforgettable, Montgomery’s new CBS project, may be the same thing. I hope not. I’m willing to take the chance.

What’s to look forward to? Her charm. Her wit. The rocking red mane of hair (I’m seriously not a dye job gal but I could wear that color in a heartbeat). The show is another CBS crime procedural but with a twist–it focuses on a detective with perfect recall of everything since her first memory–all of it–except for the day of her sister’s murder. It’s a daunting concept, and they had the happy coincidence to get greenlit around the time Marilu Henner went on record as having that very condition, so they have her acting as a consultant.

I’m so glad Mongtomery is back on TV. She took a well-deserved break after WaT was unceremeoniusly dropped by CBS (after they’d wrapped shooting) for cost-cutting reasons (I’m shocked she’s back at the network), and very happily for her, giving her time to enjoy being a first-time parent with her honey, Adam Kaufman (who I will always love because of the Taken miniseries).

Unforgettable’s co-stars include Dylan Walsh, who will be a hurdle for me because I really wasn’t a fan of Nip/Tuck (see “dark” above),  Annie Parisse (Law & Order), Kevin Rankin (Justified) and Michael Gaston (pick something).

The series premieres Tuesday, September 20th at 10 pm ET on CBS in The Good Wife’s former timeslot, so the stakes are up there.

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