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Kara’s Top 3 Summer Shows: #3 Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance 

Photo Credit: FOX

I have been a SYTYCD fan since the beginning. I’ve seen a lot of choreographers and contestants come and go. The only contestant I’ve actively disliked was Blake McGrath from season 1. He was a talented dancer but he had a horrendous attitude. And while I haven’t been huge fan of all the choreographers I think I can appreciate what they’ve brought to this show: many wonderful styles of dance. My least favorite installment of the show was what I’ll term the “Fall Experiment,” but otherwise it’s something I look forward to every summer. This year we saw some beasts, who were also beauties, throw down the gauntlet. I will absolutely give credit where it is due though and say the guys were also very good, very strong. We saw some amazing dancing this season, but I think what I remember most about my favorite installments of this show is the love I see between the dancers. Every week they only have a certain amount of time to learn their routines and I do expect them to dance brilliantly. But more than that I love to see the dancer’s camaraderie and support of each other. I feel like we’re watching these dancers grow up – emotionally, physically, spiritually – and I love that.

Photo credit: FOX

What made this season stand out for me? The usual: great choreographers and amazing dancers. I loved the final four. I would’ve been happy with Tadd, Marko, Sasha, or Melanie taking home this year’s top prize. I was definitely rooting for Sasha and Melanie more but I loved them all. The most consistent surprise for me this year was Tadd. He really showed us what a B boy is capable of. I was especially impressed anytime he picked a ballroom style out of the hat. His lines were pretty impressive. And Marko. I loved his story and really felt he connected with the emotion and intention of his pieces – when it was there. I loved the statue dance he did with Melanie. Well, I loved their entire partnership. I was kind of sad when they had to break up. Sasha is a total warrior princess, in the best possible way. I loved seeing her dance hard and dance soft. I liked it when she was vulnerable and I loved it when she was tough and uncompromising. My favorite piece with Sasha is the Sonya Tayeh Jazz piece with Melanie. It was one of my favorite pieces from the entire season. And Melanie. Sweet little pixie Melanie. Every single week she proved to us why she belongs on a dance floor. I’m not sure I can pick a favorite dance because I loved almost everything she did. I can’t wait to see what she does with her career.

And I can’t talk about this show without mentioning the lovely and amazing Cat Deeley. It’s about time she got her Emmy nomination. I think she’s a great host and it’s nice to see her contributions acknowledged this year.

I’m ecstatic Mary Murphy returned to the judge’s table this season. I know she gets on some people’s nerves – and I have been known to find her voice grating – but I just love her. She teaches me more about ballroom (than I want to know) when she gives critiques and I can tell she genuinely cares about the dancers. I’m not sure the revolving guest judge concept worked this year but some of the people in that chair gave really astute, insightful thoughts on dance.

The biggest disappointment for me this year is that the judges kept themselves in the decision making process for far too long. They kept reminding us that it was about America choosing their favorite dancer but they kept choosing who to send home every week. Next year I hope they course correct and let us choose as soon as we get to the top 10.

I’m already wondering how the show might outdo itself next year, but I’m more than happy to wait since I’m gearing up (in a really big way) for Fall TV. But I do look forward to the next season and meeting a great cast of characters who will show me every week just how much they love to dance.

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