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Favorite Moments — The Leverage Summer Finale “The Queen’s Gambit Job” 

Photo Credit: TNT

I don’t know about you guys but I thought “The Queen’s Gambit Job” was a great way to cap off the first part of Leverage Season Four. And I cannot wait until November when new episodes return. Did you catch that little sneak peek at the end there? I’m excited. Favorite moments from the summer finale:

  • Loved Nate and Sophie flirting at the beginning of the episode. Tiimothy Hutton and Gina Bellman share a massive amount of chemistry.
  • Hardison being amazed at all the “atheletes” in the room. Athletes being chess players, of course. Hilarious. I liked Eliot’s reaction.
Photo Credit: TNT
  • The looks of disdain on the faces of the Leverage team anytime they were in the vicinity of Sterling.
  • Nate’s chess opponent — the one that was pretty much sleeping the entire time. So funny.
  • Eliot and Sterling. In the car. Drinking coffee (tainted coffee in Eliot’s case). Arguing. Me thinks Christian Kane and Mark Sheppard need to sign on to some sort of buddy cop show after Leverage is over. And maybe Jensen Ackles can be a part of that too since Christian’s friends with Jensen and Mark plays Crowley on Supernatural. Love Crowley-Dean scenes. Well, love Crowley’s scenes with anyone and everyone, actually.
  • Eliot hugs Hardison after escaping the trap Sterling set for him. But what was a riot was right after the brief hug, Spencer instantly channels his cranky self and tells Hardison to stop hugging him. Hello, Eliot — you’re the one that went in for the hug first! Awesome. And, for the record, I think that’s the second Eliot/Hardison hug of the season. I believe there was one after Hardison was rescued from being buried underground in a coffin in “The Grave Danger Job.” Just saying. For such a tough guy, Eliot’s doling out a lot of hugs, lately.
  • Hardison and Parker and learning to beat the Weight Gait Authenticator using Dance Dance Revolution. Parker got so frustrated and Hardison was as patient as can be. And when they slow danced to the tune of him humming, that’s a Moment of Goodness if I’ve ever seen one. Get those two together already!
  • Parker was ready to break into the secret room using the techniques Hardison had taught her. But she still had performance issues. Hardison hummed the song he had hummed when they were dancing. It was another super sweet moment.
  • Things went wrong and an escape for Parker was looking dire; she told Hardison she wanted to say something to him but didn’t get the chance because Alec told her to jump down the elevator shaft. What was she going to say? I wish she had finished her thought.
  • Parker base jumping off the second tallest building in the world was just so cool. Plus she managed to land right near the van that Hardison and Eliot were driving. Parker’s such a thrill seeker. I don’t know how she does it.
Photo Credit: TNT
  • Sterling being his good ol’ manipulative self. But at least it was for a good cause. Loved learning that he had a daughter. Loved what everybody had to go through in order for him to save his chess champ of a daughter.

Top 5 Favorite Lines (in no particular order)

Photo Credit: TNT

“Stop, dude. What are you doing?” -Eliot
“It’s like prom night for nerds.” — Sophie
“It’s like I’m the human hulk. Parker, smash!!!” –Parker
“Eliot, try not to kill Sterling. We may need him.” “I can’t promise that!” — Nate/Eliot
“You had to be quick because you were alone. If you get caught that’s it, I get it. But you’re not alone anymore. Look…look at me…you’re not alone. You’re not. You have a team. You have me. And I got you. I got you, girl.” –Hardison

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