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First Watch: Born To Dance Laurianne Gibson 

Laurieann Gibson

I’ve heard Laurieann Gibson‘s name connected with Lady Gaga for a while now but my first experience with her was from So You Think You Can Dance. The only piece I remember her choreographing was Battlefield with Brandon and Jeanine from season 5. I loved it but I remember Laurieann making Jeanine cry and, wow, is there a lot of crying in these first two episode of Born to Dance: Laurieann Gibson.

So here’s my question for you: Is it necessary for Laurieann Gibson’s name to be in the title? I think not but it’s her show so she can do whatever she wants. I love it when we see choreographers dancing and interacting with the dancers, so I really enjoyed that aspect. Although she doesn’t talk that much, Peanut is one of my favorite people on the show so far. I love the looks she gives people and when she does talk, I like what she says.

I think Laurieann is talented. I mean, you don’t get to be Lady Gaga‘s choreographer without talent and tenacity. Because of the whole Jeanine experience from SYTYCD, I thought she would be a total hardass and she is. But I also saw a softer side, which I liked. When dancers start crying during a critique (so unprofessional, but I get it) she reminds them it’s not a beat down. So I do genuinely believe she’s trying to be constructive and tell them what they need to work on to get better. Now, I’m not gonna lie. I had to fast forward through some of the “talky” scenes. I’m not in this to watch a bunch of girls sitting around talking about dance and talking about their lives. I want to see them dance. I’m always interested in their personal stories, but never at the expense of seeing them dance.

I liked Laurieann putting the girls through their paces. It was interesting to see who could adapt to the different styles – most notably ballet. And while I fast forwarded through most of the dinner scene back at the loft, I caught parts of it. I think that the girls should have waited for Laurieann to eat dinner. Even if she had been 4 hours late they should have waited. Was it rude that Laurieann was late? Yes. But the girls shouldn’t have been even ruder by eating without her.

I think it was a good decision to send both Shannon and Endya packing, but I didn’t quite see the reason to let Alexandra go. I trust Laurieann though and know she’s got an eye for that sort of thing. I’ll definitely keep watching because I’m curious to see who will make it to the end. Right now my favorites are Jelly, Theresa, Quiana, Kristina, Hennessey, and Kaleila. We’ll see how far they make it.

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