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Fall TV Preview: The High Low Project 

Photo Credit: HGTV

As you may or may not know I recently moved so I’ve been watching a lot of design shows lately. It’s not that I’m design challenged (ok, it’s mostly not that), but since I have very little furniture and I’m not clear on what my design style is (much less what direction to take it in), I like the input. When I saw that HGTV was giving us a sneak peak at one of it’s new shows, I decided to take a change on it. Here’s the premise: In The High Low Project designer Sabrina Soto takes one room and gives it an amazing makeover. The homeowners give her their input and then she designs the room with no holds barred. The catch? Since she spares no expense, the homeowners can’t afford what she’s done. The challenge? Sabrina takes the budget the homeowners give her and recreates the room they loved for less. I was skeptical at first but now I’m a believer.

You may be familiar with Sabrina Soto from her other HGTV shows: Real Estate Intervention, Bang For Your Buck, or Get It Sold. I’m only somewhat familiar with Get It Sold and I never watched it religiously. When I did catch it I liked what Sabrina was able to accomplish. With The High Low Project, I love that Sabrina’s purpose is to give the homeowner a luxe look for less. With the dismal economy the way it is, it’s always nice to watch a show where someone is trying to save you money but also give you what you want. I especially appreciate this show because I’m on a budget but I would like to own some nice things. So just how does Sabrina work her magic?

She’s all about the hunt. Once she’s designed the perfect room – and knows just what the homeowners want and what the feel of the room will be – she goes out looking for bargins. Of course there are going to be deals only she can get but Sabrina does give us some great tips to help us get discounts as well. One tip I found particularly helpful (and I’ve even used it before) was about looking for discount codes when shopping online. She reminds us that before checking out we should see if there’s a place for a discount code. If so, do a quick search online to see if there are any active codes. It’ll save you money and those savings can really add up.

And don’t be afraid to think outside the box. If there’s a particular look or piece you just can’t find in your budget, try making it. Now, you have to be handy and somewhat confident but they make it look fun. They transformed the living room table to match the chairs they bought and bought fabric and built their own poof (a small decorative chair). I was impressed and watching them do it made me thing I could potentially tackle a project like that.

There are many things to learn from shows like this – what your design style is, how to stretch your dollar, how to adapt any piece of furniture to fit a different design aesthetic. I genuinely can’t wait to learn more. I’m hoping they get to a living room or kitchen soon. That’s where I need the most help.

The High Low Project returns Saturday, September 3rd on HGTV.

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