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Guest Star Goodness

It Was So Good To See You (Week of July 31) 

This past week, on some of my favorite summer shows, there were a lot of great guest stars. This list will be a little long, but that’s because there were just so many great, familiar faces.

Blair Brown. Photo Credit: TNT

Let’s start with the shows on July 31, including Falling Skies on TNT, Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime, The Glades on A&E and In Plain Sight on the USA Network. Over on Falling Skies, actress Blair Brown made an appearance as a lone survivor who had a run-in with Tom, Hal, and Weaver (Noah Wyle, Drew Roy and Will Patton). Of course, Blair is known for her current role on the FOX drama Fringe, but she is also known for her role in The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd. She also made guest appearances in episodes of Touched By an Angel, ER, Smallville, Ed, and CSI: Miami. 

There were a trio of actors on Drop Dead Diva, including actor Tony Goldwyn, who appeared as one of the attorneys from the DA’s office working with Jane (Brooke Elliott) on an old case; actor Perry King in a small cameo role as the father of an accused killer and actress Sydney Penny, playing the CEO of the company providing Stacey (April Bowlby) with high-end products.

Tony Goldwyn

As many movie goers will remember Tony Goldwyn appeared in the 1990 hit film Ghost. More recently, he has appeared in the TV shows The Good Wife, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Dexter, and The L Word. He has also directed episodes of Justified, Damages, Dirty Sexy Money, and Dexter.

Perry King

Perry King is best known for his role in the 80’s series Riptide, the mini-series I’ll Take Manhattan, and the made-for-TV movie Kaleidoscope. He also appeared in the original (and vastly superior) Melrose Place, the short-lived series Titans, and the made-for-TV movie The Cowboy and the Movie Star. He appeared in the box office film The Day After Tomorrow and more recently appeared in episodes of Cold Case, Brothers & Sisters, and Big Love.

Sydney Penny

Sydney Penny is best known for her work on All My Childern, The Bold and Beautiful and, Santa Barbara and the 1980’s series The New Gidget. She also appeared in the Clint Eastwood film Pale Rider and the classic mini-series The Thorn Birds.

Jillian Armenante

Meanwhile, on In Plain Sight, actress Jillian Armenante appeared as the OB/GYN to Mary’s (Mary McCormack) very pregnant and duplicitous witness. Jillian is best known for her recurring role on Judging Amy, but she has also appeared in the films Girl Interrupted, Bad Teacher, and North Country as well as the made-for-TV movie Prairie Fever. She has had guest roles in TV shows such as Dollhouse, Hawthorne, Medium, Memphis Beat, Castle, Numb3rs, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Grey’s Anatomy.

C. Thomas Howell. Photo Credit: A&E

Then over on The Glades actor C. Thomas Howell appeared as an inmate who killed a local minister and actress Nicole Steinwedell played a local church member.  As most people know, C. Thomas Howell is best known for his role in the classic films E.T., The Outsiders, and Red Dawn. More recently he appeared in Southland, Torchwood, Psych, and Criminal Minds.

Nicole Steinwedell. Photo Credit: A&E

As for Nicole Steinwedell, she got her big break on TV in the CBS series The Unit, but she has appeared in episodes of Dawson’s Creek, White Collar, Franklin & Bash, and the pilot of Breakout Kings.

Max Martini

On August 1 over on the Rizzoli & Isles on TNT, actor Max Martini and actress Annie Wersching appeared as divorced parents of a missing child; that missing child was played by young actress Jadin Gould. Max is best known for his role on The Unit, the box office films Contact and Saving Private Ryan, and the short-lived series Harsh Realm. He has also appeared in Castle, 24, CSI: Miami, Hawaii Five-0, Burn Notice, Lie to Me, and CSI as well as the mini-series Taken and the made for TV movie He Loves Me.

Annie Wersching. Photo Credit: TNT
Jadin Gould. Photo Credit: TNT

Annie Wersching is best known for her roles on 24 and General Hospital. She has also appeared in No Ordinary Family, NCIS, CSI, Supernatural, Cold Case, and Charmed.  Meanwhile, Jadin Gould has appeared in episodes of The Forgotten, Chuck, The Mentalist, United States of Tara, iCarly, and Dexter as well as in the made-for-TV movies The Wishing Well and A Kiss at Midnight and the box office film Battle: Los Angeles.

Patrick Heusinger
Josh Zuckerman

That same night over on The Protector on Lifetime, actors Patrick Heusinger and Josh Zuckerman appeared as (respectively) the boyfriend and roommate of a tragic murder victim. Patrick has appeared in episodes of Royal Pains, Gossip Girl, The Good Wife, Rescue Me, and CSI: Miami.  Meanwhile, Josh has appeared in Kyle XY, Desperate Housewives, and 90210.

Then jumping over to August 4 actors Jay R. Ferguson and Charlie Weber appeared in Burn Notice while actor Hal Oszan and actress Abigail Spencer appeared on Suits.

Jay R. Ferguson

Jay R. Ferguson was the former military husband who took his son from his ex-wife and hid out with a radical anti-government militia. Jay got his start in the TV series The Outsiders before moving on to Evening Shade. He has appeared in the short-lived shows Glory Days, Surface, and Easy Money and also had recurring roles in Judging Amy, Sleeper Cell, and Mad Men. He has made guest appearances in Castle, No Ordinary Family, Medium, Weeds, and Lie to Me.

Charlie Weber

Meanwhile, Charlie Weber was the guy who impersonated Michael in the convenience store tape.  He is best known for his role of Ben in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but he also appeared in numerous episodes of Everwood and has guest starred in Charmed, CSI: NY, Veronica Mars, Reaper, House, Dirt, and CSI.  He also appeared in the spoof box office film Vampires Suck.

Hal Oszan

As for Hal Oszan, he appeared as the hotel owner who was a client of Harvey’s (Gabriel Macht). He is best known for his work on Kyle XY and the made-for-TV movie Fallen (with Paul Wesley from The Vampire Diaries), but he has also appeared in Dawson’s Creek, 90210, and Californication. He was also in the made-for-TV movie Helter Skelter and made guest appearances in Supernatural, Hawthorne, Without a Trace, The Unit, and CSI.

Abigail Spencer. Photo Credit: USA Network

Abigail Spencer was the former friend (lover) of Harvey’s who was negotiating the merger between her boss and Harvey’s client. Abigail is best known for her work on Mad Men, Hawthorne, and All My Children as well as the short-lived series Angela’s Eyes. She has also appeared in episodes of CSI, Gilmore Girls, Moonlight, Bones, Ghost Whisperer, Castle, and The Glades. She also has a role in the box office film Cowboys & Aliens.

So there you have it, the long list of great familiar faces who showed up on my favorite summer shows this past week. Who do you see on some of your favorite shows this week?  Please share.

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