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Character Development: Jane Doesn’t Need A Man on Drop Dead Diva 

Photo Credit: Lifetime

Well, she doesn’t need the wrong man. Jane gave the heave-ho to two men in the last few weeks. First, she found out her extremely busy neurosurgeon boyfriend was keeping his options open by dating several women. At first Jane thought she’d be ok with it, but later decided she wasn’t. And when he wouldn’t commit to just her, she told him she deserved better (and she really does) and put an end to that budding relationship. Then Jane was requested in the DA’s office to help out during a personnel shortage. She reconnected with her old boss (in more ways the one) but soon realized why she left that job eight years ago.

Photo credit: Lifetime

I’m a big fan of Ben Shenkman, so I was very excited to see him introduced in this season’s premiere as a potential love interest for Jane. I was even more excited when they seemed to couple up so quickly. Even though Jane still pines for Grayson (mostly in more subtle ways than before), I thought maybe this would go somewhere. I’d glad Jane didn’t sabotage it but I can’t say she was fully committed either, but that was through no fault of her own. This relationship was undermined by Dr. Kendall. I hope he realizes what I great thing he gave up with Jane.

Tony Goldwyn

Jane certainly got the hang of being a prosecutor again when she returned to her old job in the DA’s office. No one knew what her “personal reasons” were for leaving eight years prior, until she got to the bottom of their murder investigation. She used to be hot and heavy with Alan Roberts – and clearly he was ready to pick up right where they left off. But as Jane became more involved in the case – and finding the person who really murdered their victim – she realized why she’d left the DA’s office all those years ago. Her boss, mentor, and lover decided to protect an innocent but wealthy man instead of fight for justice for the victim. And I love that Jane threatened to expose him if he didn’t resign. That’s our girl. She won’t let anyone take advantage of the legal system or her.

I’m not ready for Jane to give up on finding love with someone other than Grayson yet but hopefully this time she’ll pick someone truly worthy of her. Or maybe Grayson will come around and see what he’s missing out on. Until then.

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