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Cancellation Watch: Eureka, With a Catch 

Photo Credit: Eike Schroter/Syfy

On the heels of a successful Comic-Con appearance last month, Syfy confirmed a short 6-episode sixth season of Eureka. Yay! Late last night, they changed their mind, cancelling the show when it completes shooting its fifth season, which is filming now in Vancouver. Boo!

I know, it’s confusing. We’re currently watching the second half of season four, which was filmed in the summer of 2010. When this set of episodes finishes airing next month, that will be the conclusion of season four. Then we get a Christmas episode in December. Then we get a 13-episode season five next summer. And that’s it. Producer Amy Berg said it was a money decision. I can’t believe Syfy couldn’t pony up for six more episodes that would be repeated, syndicated, and DVDd instead of ordering three cheesalicious movies of the week. Oh, wait. Yes, I can.

The cast and crew, who were apparently as blindsided as the fans about the announcement, are all over Twitter if you want to commiserate and console about the crappy handling, or just extend thanks for their great work so far:

Our sincere thanks to all of the cast and crew. You’re TV Goodness to us, and we’ll be watching!

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