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Reality Fix: The Top Six Perform on SYTYCD 

Photo Credit: FOX

This has been such a stellar season of So You Think You Can Dance. Every single dancer who performed tonight was fighting for their chance to stay in this competition. I have my favorites – and I’m sure you do too. I’d like to see Marko, Tadd, Sasha, and Melanie in next week’s finale. But before we get there let’s talk a little about this week’s amazing performances.

Best Solo: Melanie

Wow. Her technique is amazing. Her strength is impressive. Her commitment is ridiculous. She doesn’t know how to hold back or play it safe and that’s what makes her such an exciting dancer.

Best Performance With an All-Star: Sasha and Kent

I’ve got to give serious praise to Tyce Diorio. I’m not a huge fan of Broadway and I don’t always love those pieces. But when he’s asked to choreograph a Jazz piece I almost always love it. There was something so viceral and painfully real about his piece tonight. Not only did Sasha dance it beautifully but she made me feel it deep in my bones. I love her. And it was so nice to see Kent in a more subdued, serious piece.

Sexiest Performance: Caitlynn and Pasha’s Samba

Although both Mary and Nigel thought she pulled her face too much, I found Caitlynn’s samba with Pasha to be hot hot hot. I would’ve put Caitlynn on the hot tamale train if it was within my power.

Most Confusing: Sonya Tayeh’s Jazz Piece

Like Nigel I was disappointed in this. Sometimes the choreographers go too far with a prop and I definitely felt like that chandelier look away from the dancing. Maybe part of the problem was Tadd. I’m not sure he was fully committed to this role. Whatever it was, it fell short for me. I usually love everything Sonya does but this let me down.

Best Use of a Prop by a Choreographer: Dee Caspry’s chopsticks

At first I was worried about Ricky and those chopsticks, I mean conductor’s batons. It ended up being beautiful. I really enjoyed it.

What was your favorite performance? Who do you think deserves to be in the finale? Who would you like to see win it all?

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