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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Mary Shares a Meal with Provo, In Plain Sight “Provo-Cation” 

Photo Credit: USA Network

It’s a weird occurrence this summer that shows I fully intended to watch (Covert Affairs, The Protector, Suits, Nine Lives of Chloe King) aren’t getting watched as much as the shows that weren’t even on my summer radar (Rookie Blue, Teen Wolf, Necessary Roughness, and now In Plain Sight). IPS came back from a 10-month hiatus and had the good fortune to drop into the summer rotation. I love Mary McCormack but I have not loved IPS. The family stuff started to grated after a handful of episodes so I stopped watching it. Last night, I came across McCormack sassing up Joel Gretsch and my remote came to a screeching halt on USA for the rest of the hour.

Gretsch (always always welcome on my TV and who I’m hoping, as an alumni of The 4400, will be popping up on Alphas so my brain can explode) plays a JAG named Provo who’s overseeing the WITSEC placement of a young combat veteran/witness and his wife. When the witness is revealed to have PTSD, an affliction Provo himself survived and now counsels about at Walter Reed (RIP), Mary has to dial it back a notch.

The MOG occurs when they break bread over a Mexican food lunch and he tells her he’s glad to have someone to eat with. She calls BS that he’s been dining alone all week when he could have his pick of the coed ladies, and he tells her she’s not wrong, but he wants something more, something messy. We as viewers know the definition of that is sitting on the other side of the table from him (the show has incorporated McCormack’s real-life pregnancy into the show so onscreen Mary is dealing with a solo pregnancy and maybe-adoption scenario). By episode’s end, Provo figures that out, too, and invites her to dinner. She says yes as long as he will procure a beret for her boss. As they walk out together, he takes her bag onto his shoulder.

No clue where it’s going. The show wraps on the 7th but is already renewed for next year, so maybe, now that Marshal Marshall (hee) is fairly ensconced in his own domestic bliss, Mary will find a little joy, too. Either way, it was a treat to find the episode on a summer Sunday evening.

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