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Character Development: The Student Becomes the Teacher, Damages “I’ve Done Way Too Much For This Girl” 

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I was actually surprised and impressed with Ellen Parsons tonight. I’m not sure how I thought she couldn’t be affected – in both good and bad ways – by her association with Patty Hewes. I just didn’t expect Ellen to pull what I’ll have to term as a “Patty.” Seeing that she didn’t have the support of her firm but refusing to ask Patty for help, Ellen staged a scene to get Patty on her side. It just goes to show us how well Ellen knows and understands her former mentor. I fear for Ellen if and when Patty discovers she’s been duped in this way. It will not be pretty. But before we go there, let’s examine what led Ellen to be so devious. 

I don’t know if it’s the superb acting and writing so far this season but I’m into this story big time. It might be that my dad was in the military or that I’m always interested in digging deep to find what big companies are trying to hide. Whatever the reason, Chris Messina‘s Chris Sanchez is a very interesting character and I want Ellen to help him. I think by trying this case and getting him to reveal exactly what went on during that mission gone wrong in Afghanistan, Chris might begin to heal. But Ellen needs to get her case filed first. When Ellen’s firm backs out of taking the case, she isn’t ready to back down. She needs resources to take on a company as powerful as High Star. They’ve got deep pockets and they’re in the business of killing people. They certainly aren’t afraid of someone like Ellen. There have been over sixty cases before Ellen’s that have all been dismissed. She needs to dig in and entrench herself. Ellen’s going to be fighting against an enemy who knows what they’re doing. Speaking of which, how creepy good is Dylan Baker? I love seeing him in roles like this. He was disturbing in The Good Wife last season and he’s making me even more scared of him now. I hope Ellen never has to tangle with him.

With Patty on her side for now, Ellen’s going to have to fight to keep her there. The previews for next week make it look like that struggle is just beginning. I like where this is going and I like how Ellen is getting us there so far. We’ll find out soon enough if she’s got anything else she picked up from Patty in her bag of tricks.

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