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Premature Infatuation: The Firm 

Josh Lucas

In light of the casting of Josh Lucas and last week, the additional casting of Callum Keith Rennie AND Juliette Lewis, we’re assigning NBC’s The Firm Premature Infatuation status. Because, come on! Eye candy for the girls and the boys plus (IMHO) leveraging the strongest film adaptation of a John Grisham property? What else do you need (besides an audience)?

Callum Keith Rennie

Well, they’re shooting it in Toronto, which opens it up for a parade of Canadian HITGs. I remember asking Tina when this one was announced in May what the story was with a cast-independent greenlight, especially on the heels of the LOLA implosion.

Juliette Lewis

Here’s hoping the pedigree for The Firm will beget a weekly dose of awesomeness. Rennie and Lucas (and Lewis) together plus a Canadian shoot pretty much equals appointment TV for me.

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