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Moment of Goodness

Kara’s Moment of Goodness: Sookie Tries to Prevent Bill From Entering Her House, True Blood “I’m Alive and On Fire” 

Photo Credit: HBO

I’ve never made a secret of how much I enjoy Bill and Sookie, even now. It seems fair to say this season will be all about Eric and Sookie (which I’m more than ok with), but tonight there was a great moment between these old lovers. But more than that I love that Bill’s arrival put off any amorous overtures from Eric – at least for now. As we all know waiting (for Eric and Sookie to be together) sucks, but I like all this anticipation. It’s kinda of delicious. But back to Bill and Sookie. From their entire encounter on Sookie’s porch, you can feel that there’s still a lot between them – feelings, heat, history, wanting. Maybe that’s just the fantastic chemistry from the actors but this scene made me realize how much I miss seeing these two together. So it’s my moment of goodness.

There was a lot to like about this scene: how close they were standing, everything left unsaid, things left undone. Part of me is proud of Bill for taking Sookie at her word, even though he shouldn’t. I think the fact that he chose to believe her even when it was his duty to go into that house speaks volumes about his feelings for her. But the fact that she’s protecting Eric like she is also speaks volumes about her feelings for him. Poor Bill. I think his heart will be broken when Eric and Sookie do get together.

Other interesting developments

  • Bill won’t have Portia Bellfleur to turn to anymore. It’s mostly gross but also pretty interesting that Bill’s related to his latest conquest. I wonder if that’s the last we’ll see of that relationship. Portia doesn’t seem like the type to give up on something so easily.
  • It’s always nice to see Alcide, and especially nice to see him take his clothes off. He and Sookie had a really nice moment. I still really want those two to get together. Maybe next season.
  • Poor Pam. I guess the witch storyline is kind of growing on me (although I’m not getting enough Lafayette in this or any storyline this season so far). I like that the “goddess” is messing with vamps right and left. I don’t love that Pam’s face is falling off but I think it’s a very good motivator for her to kick some wiccan ass. Can’t wait.
  • Am I the only one ready for the Mickens to go away permanently? I can’t stand any of them.

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