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Awkward Series Premiere Preview (VIDEO) 

So, Ashley Rickards was one of the best things about the sixth season of One Tree Hill, and I’ve been disappointed that they’ve never found a way to bring her chracter, Sam, back around now and again (even for Brooke’s wedding), because I think she had the biggest impact on who Brooke is now, moreso than any of her love interests. Imagine my surprise when, while watching Teen Wolf (shut it) in between the constant Teen Mom teasers, there was a promo for a new series, Awkward., starring Rickards, that launches Tuesday. It looks sort of like Juno, except that instead of being pregnant, her character is recovering from an accident that her fellow high school students have mistaken for an attempted suicide. The teaser highlights all of Rickard’s smart ass charm that made Sam so rich. Even though I’m so not the demographic for this show (or Teen Wolf, but I digress), I’ll be watching. I’m happy to see her back on TV. You can catch the pilot now on and on MTV Tuesday at 11 pm ET.

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