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Character Development: Jane Trying to Get Over Grayson on Drop Dead Diva 

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It’s been educational, interesting, and illuminating seeing Jane try to get over Grayson. I mean, this is her soul mate. Or at least he was Deb’s soul mate. And she’s still Deb — mostly. She’s had new and different experiences since she’s been Jane and I believe those have changed her – for the better. She has a new family, new friends, and a few new boyfriend experiences. I like that she hasn’t totally put her life on hold for Grayson. I mean, she’s definitely been dragging her heels and looking for any sign that Grayson knows she’s really Deb but I feel there is some forward progress. But after Grayson asks Jane – for the second time – to be his best man, we know she’s accepted her new fate when she says yes.

Now, I’m not giving up on Grayson and Jane. Far from it. I think they’ll ultimately be together. But where would we be if the two star-crossed lovers got together so early in the game? Some shows wait too long but we’re not there yet with Drop Dead Diva.  I’m willing to wait this out for a bit and see how things go. And wouldn’t it be better and more meaningful if Grayson falls for her on his own, without Jane telling him who she is? She really needs to listen to Fred more often; he knows what he’s doing. Until then I don’t want to see her pining or wasting any more time on him. I want them to be friends but I also want Jane to get those romantic notions out of her head. She needs to be happy for Grayson and support whatever life decisions he makes. And she’s taken some great steps to do that. Not only is Jane his best man but now she’s helping to plan his wedding. I wouldn’t call that a healthy move on Jane’s part but it does signal that she’s trying to move on. And going out on dates (well, a date) in this last episode is another great sign. I liked that doctor. After an extremely awkward start they found that had a lot to talk about. I think Jane is taking things too fast (In fact, I’m sure the doctor won’t last too long), but I like to see that she’s moving on. A pining Jane is a Jane I have very little interest in.

What about Grayson’s upcoming nuptials? Part of me will feel duped and cheated if he doesn’t get married. Part of me holds out hope that it won’t happen. I do want to see how Jane handles things as Grayson’s wedding day approaches. If she flies of the handle, I hope it’s in really funny ways and possibly to a musical number.

What do you think? Do you want Jane and Grayson together now? Are you willing to hold out for a bit? Do you think they ultimately belong together?

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