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Summer TV Crush: John Barrowman, Torchwood: Miracle Day 

Photo Credit: Starz

I’ve known about John Barrowman for a long time; I still remember him from the failed primetime soap opera Central Park West. He was a stand-out on that series so it wasn’t a shock when he showed up on a “little” British show called Torchwood, which was a spin-off of another “little” British show called Doctor Who. Over the years, I had seen episodes here and there but it wasn’t until this summer that I got with the program. So many people — bloggers, fans and my sister — all raved about the show. So, I finally sat down and watched it all — from Season 1 to Children of Earth. And now I’m set to tune into the scifi series as it premieres on a new channel, Starz, tonight (up until now Americans have enjoyed it on BBC America). Yes, I have fanned up and become forever devoted to Torchwood.

Photo Credit: Starz

Even though I love the entire cast, the main selling point for me is the leader of Torchwood, Captain Jack Harkness. As Captain Jack, Barrowman gives the character a monumental amount of sexy swagger; he commands attention by just being in a room and wearing his trademark coat. Harkness uses his winning smile to hide all the pain he’s seen as an immortal being; he’s died so many times it has to have affected him. But we never know it except for rare occasions. What is also so intriguing is his openness. He flirts (and does more) with just about anyone regardless of gender. Although, I do admit to loving his relationship with Ianto more than anything. Only someone like Captain Jack can pull the whole pansexual thing off and in such a captivating manner. And even as he’s forced to make some of the most difficult decisions in the world; and we find out about some shady moves he’s had to make; my faith in him never waivers. John Barrowman is such a big part of that. Hence, he’s one of my summer TV crushes.

Torchwood: Miracle Day airs Fridays on Starz at 10/9C.

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