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Character Analysis: Harvey Specter & Mike Ross, Suits “Errors and Omissions” 

Photo Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/USA Network

The second episode of USA Network’s Suits was even better than the first which is always a good sign. We’re finding out more about what the characters are made of and that makes for great TV. Take Harvey Specter, played by Gabriel Macht. He’s such an interesting person. He immediately comes off beyond arrogant and as if he doesn’t care about anything or anyone but he also has this set of rules for himself that is surprising. In “Errors and Omissions” we find out Harvey doesn’t mess around with married women. Who knew that he would have such moral fortitude even as he does whatever he can to win every case in his professional life? Instead of giving in to the judge’s blackmail and admit to something he never did (he never slept with the judge’s wife); he sticks to his guns and finds another way to solve the problem. Add that to the fact he won’t stand for Mike getting high and it all makes for what’s turning out to be a complex man. And there’s definitely more to the story here. We don’t even know a tenth of the character yet. It’s going to be exciting to get to know him as Season 1 continues.

Photo Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/USA Network

While Harvey’s more of a mystery, we do know a lot about Mike Ross already, since we’re often seeing this strange new world through his eyes. In “Errors and Omissions,” it’s so great the way Mike (Patrick J. Adams) steps up and brings a huge client into the law firm and is also able to best Louis. He takes some punches — after all, he’s suckered not once but twice during the episode — but he eventually comes out on top. It’s so cool to watch him navigate his way through the intricate ins and outs of his new job. Of course there’s always the threat of Mike’s (and Harvey’s) deception being found out. Hopefully, we’ll have to wait a little lot longer before said threat comes back to bite both of them in their butts.

Some of the best scenes of the series don’t only involve Harvey and Mike winning the case, the debate or figuring out how to work past a particularly difficult obstacle. They’re also the times when Harvey and Mike are trying to figure out their situation. They’re constantly learning new things about each other, at the same time the audience is. Mike does seem like a younger version of Harvey, except he comes complete with an emotionally available microchip that Harvey seems to be lacking. But we know, deep, deep, deep undercover, he’s got that chip too. Harvey and Mike have quickly become a winning combo this summer.

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