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Summer TV Crushes: Christian Kane and Aldis Hodge, Leverage 

Photo Credit: TNT

First of all, let me go on record and say the entire Leverage cast is gorgeous. Timothy Hutton is adorable; Gina Bellman is forever stunning; and Beth Riesgraf has this quirky but fierce beauty that really works for her character. However, my Summer TV Crushes are on the show’s other two stars: Christian Kane and Aldis Hodge. Christian Kane

Photo Credit: TNT

Long hair, short hair, whatever ‘do Christian Kane chooses to sport is all right by me. It helps that his Leverage character, Eliot Spencer, is supremely badass, so that long-haired look is simply perfection. And even though he’s one with the whole tough guy-approach, I love it when every once in a while, Eliot lets loose with a smile. That smile of his is killer. There are two things I’m hoping will materialize as far as Eliot Spencer is concerned in Season 4: 1) Finding out more about this mysterious guy who’s “the hitter” of the group; and 2) Figuring out another way to have Christian sing again. Last season’s “The Studio Job” is one of my favorite Leverage episodes to this day. Kane can sing and he can fight, meaning he gets the lion share of the action sequences on the show. His sheer hotness is epic. In fact, he’s been spectacularly hot since his days on Angel.

Aldis Hodge

Photo Credit: TNT

Here’s how amazing Aldis Hodge is. On Supernatural, his character killed Sam Winchester — one of the show’s two main characters — and I still couldn’t help but love him. On Friday Night Lights, he was so good at being bad, I couldn’t separate the character from the actor for a while. That’s definitely the mark of someone doing a good job. But I think Aldis has found his perfect role on Leverage. Alec Hardison’s smart, sarcastic, resourceful and a bit devilish. And I’m sorry, smart guys are unbelievably hot. But when you’re a smart guy with a slammin’ body, there’s nothing better. Plus, Hodge has chemistry with everyone on the show but especially his co-stars Kane and Riesgraf. Please, I can’t wait until the Leverage powers-that-be get Parker and Hardison together. I hope their friendship progresses to something more in Season 4. Do you blame Parker for digging “the hacker” of the group? I don’t.

Leverage Season 4 airs on Sundays on TNT at 9/8C.

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