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Summer TV Crush: Gabriel Macht, Suits 

Photo Credit: USA Network

So I have a thing for Gabriel Macht, back to an NBC The X-Files-type show (with an XF pedigree in Glen Morgan and James Wong) called The Others that he did for NBC a decade ago. So much so, that he was the original draw when I saw The Recruit, before Colin Farrell (with whom he also co-starred in American Outlaws)  was ever on my radar.

I was happy to hear Gabriel was coming back to TV, because in my rationale, 13 hours a season is so much more awesome than two or four hours if he only does a couple of flicks a year. So the news that he would be headlining USA Network’s Suits was met with jumpy claps. Just one problem. I totally thought this was going to be a fall show, and there it was being advertised during Covert Affairs. Yay, Summer Crush!

Gabriel has the smartass but slightly charming thing down cold. I don’t want to say it’s his brand, but it sort of is. He loads up on the swagger, turns on the smile and mischievous brown-eyed twinkle, and then BAM, dialogue optional. For me, anyway. He most recently did a variation on the role in Love and Other Drugs, where he was a menacing competitor drug rep opposite Jake Gyllenhaal who later came back around to being not such a jackass when the latter got the Viagra account.

Suits is a legal drama, which isn’t my favorite genre, but the twist here is that the new hire, whose arrival begins the series, isn’t a lawyer at all, and he’s part of a deception that occurs when Gabriel’s character is ordered to find someone like himself. He makes a deal with the kid in the process, finding his own humanity and helping the kid realize his own goals (at least that’s what the trailer wants me to know going in).

Hopefully Gabriel’s character will be welcome on USA for a goodly while. They seem to be batting pretty high on new launches, and it looks like Psych was bumped from the summer roster to make room for Suits (my theory), so I’d like it to be awesome. Either way, I’m glad to have Gabriel on my TV every week, even for a little while.  If his hair was a scoche longer now, like it was back in the day, I’d be irrational.

Suits starts its summer run on the USA Network Thursday at 10 PM EDT.

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