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Summer TV Crush: The Guys, Drop Dead Diva 

Photo Credit: Lifetime

I can’t be the only one who finds Drop Dead Diva frothy fun, can I? There are times when things get dark and serious (and I like those times), but mostly I like that it’s a delightful confection I just can’t get enough of. I could sing the praises of Brook Elliot’s Jane until the end of time but that’s not what we’re here for. I’m taking this opportunity to spread the love around and talk about the wonderful guys on the show. They are all so crush-worthy.

Jackson Hurst‘s Grayson Kent

Photo Credit: Lifetime

Dreamy. I like that Jane is forced to work with her former fiancee. I know it’s hard to see him move on and I know I’m not the only one hoping he’ll notice how amazing Jane is and take a chance on her. I loved it when Grayson called Jane Deb after he got hit by that car. We all know he’ll recover. I just wonder if he’ll remember he saw Deb. In the meantime, I can’t be too mad of the producers decide not to get these two together yet. Maybe Grayson needs just a little more time to realize Jane’s his soulmate.

Josh Stamberg‘s J. Parker

Photo Credit: Lifetime

He was merely a day player for me until he got involved with Kim. Now I’m invested because not only do I want that relationship to work (sometimes I’m shocked I care so much), but I want Parker to recognize how awesome Jane is and make sure she gets her due. When the show started he only had his bottom line in mind, but now I feel like he actually cares about Jane and the other people who work for him. Not that much, but he does care. Maybe season 3 will humanize him even more. And I wouldn’t mind seeing him sing and dance a little more too!

Ben Feldman‘s Fred

Photo Credit: Lifetime

What an angel. I love his budding romance with April Bowlby’s Stacey (she is comic gold, by the way) and I love that he’s a dynamo assistant for Kim. It was fun to watch Kim torture her previous assistants into leaving, but now that she’s got Fred she’s kinda found the perfect right hand man. I wonder if Fred has any interest in pursuing the law. I think he’d be pretty amazing. In the meantime, I like that he continues to look out for Jane – with both good results and bad.

Who is your favorite and why? Check out the Season 3 premiere of Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime 9/8 c.

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