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Summer TV Crush: The Guys, Covert Affairs 

Photo Credit: USA Network

Everywhere I look on this show, there’s another hot guy. Don’t get me wrong I’d still watch the show if the guys were less hot but it makes it more enjoyable for everyone if girls and gay boys have some eye candy. Who’s with me?

Photo Credit: USA Network

Christopher Gorham‘s Auggie Anderson

Photo Credit: USA Network

How do I love Auggie? Let me count the ways:

1. Christopher Gorham is a great actor. He really makes me care about Auggie and I’m very invested in seeing him do well at work and in his personal life. I love that Auggie doesn’t let his blindness prevent him from doing his job. And I love the chemistry he has with Annie. Oh, and I’ve loved him since Popular.

2. Christopher Gorham has an amazing body. I don’t know how much time he spends in the gym, but DAMN. I don’t want to drool too long because I’m not creepy.

3. Christopher Gorham is excited about the show and that makes me excited to watch it. Yes, I follow him on twitter. Yes, I pay extra special attention any time he mentions the show. Yes, I get excited when actors love what they’re doing.

Peter Gallagher‘s Arthur Campbell

Photo Credit: USA Network

Peter Gallagher is one of those guys (well, like a lot of guys) who just gets better with age. I think he’s a great actor. I didn’t love where his storyline was going with Kari Matchett at the beginning of last season but because of them, I stuck with it. I hope we see a little more of Aurthur this season but as long as we don’t see less I’ll be happy.

Sendhil Ramamurthy‘s Jai Wilcox

Photo Credit: USA Network

I’ve been a fan since Heroes, although I could only stick with that show for a few seasons. I was happy when he showed up in the second episode of this show as (another) possible romantic foil for Annie. I don’t really want them together but I love his complicated history with the agency. It makes things very interesting.

Honorable Mention:

Eion Bailey‘s Ben Mercer

Eoin Bailey

He’s not a regular so I had to separate him from the pack above. And if I’m being totally honest, I don’t really want to see Ben with Annie. I want to see Auggie with Annie. But I like that it’s because of Ben that Annie even got this job opportunity. He got her in the door, but Annie’s more than proven she belongs there.

Other highlights from Season 1:

Eriq La Salle‘s Christopher McAuley

Eriq La Salle

He is aging so well. Eriq La Salle hasn’t done much since ER so it was very nice to see him on the small screen again in this.

Oded Fehr‘s Eyal Lavine

Oded Fehr

I’ve been a fan since I saw him on the big screen in The Mummy. I hope Annie gets to work with him again this season.

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