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Moment of Goodness

Glee’s Moment of Goodness: Sam and Mercedes Couple Up…Secretly 

Chord Overstreet
Amber Riley

Alert! Alert! Sam and Mercedes are now a couple. It is about time a straight guy showed some interest in Mercedes; we love her, especially when she’s not being influenced by the likes of Lauren. The fact that she’s with Sam? Love it. We thought we saw some chemistry between them at the prom (and at Nationals). Sam seems like the perfect person for Mercedes to have her first real relationship with. Awww. And we love that they’re keeping it a secret.

Yes, we admit to copious amounts of eye rolling during the finale but this surprise reveal at the end of the episode caused nothing but delight. And maybe we’re glad New Directions didn’t even place in the top 10. We don’t want things to be too easy for them and they need something to work towards during their senior year. Will they be back in New York for an encore next year? We hope so but this time without a side of Rachel/Finn drama. But back to the main event. Sam and Mercedes. What should their ridiculously cute name be? Samcedes? Mam? Sades? Mercedam? We’ll work that out later. In the meantime, our thoughts:

Kara’s Take

Normally I’m not that happy with all the partner swapping that goes on in Glee but for some reason I love this pairing. Sam seems like a sweet guy who fell for the wrong girl – twice. I did like him with Quinn at the beginning before he got way too serious. I like what he brought out in her. I never understood the Santana thing though. She was just so mean to him. I guess that shouldn’t be shocking, though, considering she’s mean to everyone. Sam deserves better. And he got it with Mercedes. She’s in this relationship for him (she’s not running away from anyone or trying to make anyone jealous) and he’s in it for her. I like where this is going.

Tina’s Take

There was much relationship drama in the Glee finale. For the record, the “I love yous” between Kurt and Blaine were adorable; the Finn/Rachel reunion I could have done without (don’t get me wrong, I like Finchel but this reunion could have been delayed a little bit longer in my opinion); and the Brittana talk in front of the lockers was one of my favorite moments of this season ender. However, the Sam-Mercedes surprise outing was tops for me. Mercedes has been love-free for too long. It wasn’t just bothering her all season, it was bothering me. Everyone had someone or was crushing on someone or was breaking up with someone. Everyone but Mercedes. The Samcedes (that’s what I’m going with) hand-holding as they went to the counter was just too cute for words. Sam needs a girl who’s going to treat him well; Mercedes needs a guy who will appreciate her for the amazing person she is (that is when she’s not going all diva on us). I think these two could work. Let’s hope TPTB don’t mess it all up during Season 3 and actually devote some time to this unlikely Glee duo. I wonder how long they’ll be able to keep their new relationship status a secret?

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