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Postscript: The Chicago Code 

Photo Credit: FOX

Sometimes I just never know what makes a hit show a hit. I thought The Chicago Code had all the necessary ingredients:

A great cast. Jennifer Beals has been on my radar since Flashdance but I can’t say I really started paying attention to her again until Lie To Me. Any Friday Night Lights fan knows who Matt Lauria is. I was happy to see he got another gig so soon after wrapping FNL. Jason Clarke is new to me but I’ve enjoyed him immensely on the small screen. Delroy Lindo‘s had a long career on both the big and small screen, but this has been his breakout TV role. If he wants to stay in television, I think the offers will come rolling in. It’s been a long time since I’ve cared this much about such a bad guy.

Writers and producers with a pedigree. I don’t really consider myself a television snob (ok, maybe I do – a little) but it’s always nice when the people running the show are people you know and trust. I didn’t watch The Shield but I know the fierce loyalty Shawn Ryan inspires in people so I wanted to check this out. Tim Minear is a god to me. Heard of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel? Enough said.

A great angle. Corruption in Chicago. It’s interesting because on some level every single person alive (naive or otherwise) knows that it takes a bit of grease to make the wheels of democracy turn. A lot of honest people get into politics, or law, or into a power of position and try to do right. Many of them fail and quite a few of them bend and break rules and laws to get things done. I like that this show tried to uncover some of what’s going on behind the scenes in big cities (and probably a lot of small ones as well).

A great location. I’ve only been to Chicago twice and I love it. Shows feel so much more authentic and immediate if I can see they’re filmed on location. It takes me deeper into the story and I like recognizing landmarks, stores, etc. from the area. It makes me feel like I’m a part of it all.

A great story. All of these characters had very interesting or intriguing back stories. I like the complicated, conflicted hero. I like the villain who can be humanized and who might become someone we care about. I like when good guys go bad. There are so many ways to keep us engaged and interested and this show was doing that. But most of all, I have to admire a show where there are stakes. Someone you care about might die. Someone you hate might win. All that stuff just makes a great show even better.

Although the finale wrapped up a lot of threads I liked the few that were left dangling. I would’ve liked to get to know these characters better, spend more time with them. I’m disappointed that I won’t get to know them better but happy they were briefly a part of my TV family.

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