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Summer TV Preview: So You Think You Can Dance 

Photo Credit: FOX

Although I loved last year’s game-changer of having 10 contestants pair with alternating All-stars this year sees the return of the top 20. Don’t worry, the All-Stars will show up but we don’t see them until the field is narrowed down to the top10.  I have no objection. It will also be nice to see Mary Murphy back. Her big mouth doesn’t bother me – I think I’m used to it. I love it when she puts people on the hot tamale train and more than anyone else on the show I like her ballroom critiques; I find them helpful for the dancers and educational for me. What else are we in store for? I don’t know. I’ll find out with the rest of you.

Cat Deeley

Bonus: We need to start an Emmy campaign for Cat Deeley right now. Tina and I don’t understand why she never gets nominated. She amazing. Who’s with us?

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