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Finale Watch: Dean Has Lisa and Ben’s Memories Erased on Supernatural “Let It Bleed” 

Photo Credit: Michael Courtney/The CW

The moment we found the most affecting over the two-hour season finale of Supernatural involved Dean, Ben, and Lisa. I guess we always knew nothing good would come of Dean’s involvement with Lisa and Ben. Just by having them in his life, he made them targets. Crowley tries to use them as his insurance but there isn’t anything he or Cas can do to keep Dean from finding them and making them safe. And since Cas made Dean and Sam off-limits Crowley had to do something. We know how he likes to bend and twist the rules so Crowley’s final present (in this episode) is to have a demon hidden in Lisa. That’s not playing nice or fair at all. Bad King of Hell! As Dean exorcises the demon, it mortally wounds Lisa as what it thinks is insurance. But Dean’s not playing and exorcises the demon anyway. He does manage to get her to the hospital but that won’t prevent Lisa from dying. At least, not until Cas fixes her. Dean hazards to ask for one more thing from Cas: to have their memories wiped – of him, of their time together. It’s heartbreaking.

Photo Credit: Michael Courtney/The CW

Why did this moment affect us more than anything else? Let’s discuss.

Kara’s Take

I’ve always liked that Ben and Lisa were in Dean’s life and that he was happy with them for a whole year. It was nice to see him out of the hunting life. It was nice to see him making a family for himself. It was nice to see him be a normal guy and function in normal society. Dean was a different person around Ben and Lisa and it was refreshing but I guess normal isn’t part of Dean vocabulary. And I thought they were so good for him. They soothed his weary soul. Too much? I don’t care. I loved what Ben and Lisa did for Dean. So to be selfless enough to have Cas erase their memories of him? It shows just how much he loved them. I feel my heart aching as I write this now. I might tear up again. I am such a girl and I don’t care. Part of me wishes they could be in his life in some way.

Tina’s Take

The hospital scenes were painful to watch. Dean’s decision was completely devastating yet utterly understandable. Crowley proved his point. Being in their lives is a danger. Dean’s not a high maintenance kind of guy. He’s also a sacrificing kind of guy. This all adds up to him being the one to bear the brunt of the pain. His “family” will remain unsuspecting. However, he’ll remember every second of his time with them. I felt the heartbreak as soon as Dean asked Cas for one more favor. And then again in the actual scene where he “met” Ben and Lisa under the guise of being the person who hit their car: 

“Who are you?” “I’m Dean. The guy who hit you. I just uh…I lost control for a minute and I just wanted to say that I’m sorry. I’m really happy you two are both OK. And uh…I’m just glad your life can get back to normal now.” “That’s what’s important, right?” “Anyway uh…I’ll leave you two alone. Take care of your mom.”

Yeah, I lost it the first, second and third time I watched this interaction. Ben’s “who are you” hurt my heart. Dean could barely hold it together after he left them to their lives. The show effectively ended a chapter of Dean’s existence without killing off another woman (although Dr. Visyak wasn’t so lucky. Boo!). This fate is almost worse than death; to know your family is out there living their lives without you. It’s all just brutal.

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