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Finale Watch: One Tree Hill “This Is My House, This Is My Home” 

Photo Credit: Fred Norris/The CW

It’s got to be hell in the writers room at One Tree Hill. Every year, they craft these very elaborate finales that would appropriately conclude the series, and then they get handed another season. Last night’s season finale (the 8th!) would have stood as a true finale, and I have to think they expected it to be, because it closed with Jamie Scott in a Scott Motors hoodie jogging across a covered bridge at night, bouncing a a basketball between his hands — the very scene of Lucas Scott that began the series and has been in the credits every year.

Aside from that, the episode tracked almost a season’s worth of developments. We saw all of Brooke’s pregnancy, and her and Julian’s joy at finding out that she was carrying twins — all lovely moments until the bullsh-t scene where she stood on a stool in heels, hugely pregnant, and tried to bring an enormous bag off a shelf, and of course fell and delivered preemies. No way the character would have been that reckless after being so deseprate for children. Thankfully the boys (Jude, and Davis, in keeping with the trend of maternal surnames as children’s first names) were OK.

Brooke and Haley reopened Karen’s Cafe on its original site, another full circle bookend moment. Nathan, missing his dad, dropped by Dan’s own hole in the wall cafe to drop off a picture of Lydia and the first baseball that Jamie hit.

In other cast closures, Mouth and Millie got a morning TV show, Chase went off to the military and came back whole and reconciled with Alex, and Clay and Quinn settled into domestic bliss minus the married part. Nathan and Haley took in their own bliss at the life they’d made for themselves and their children.

So, it was all wrapped up in a sweet bow of closure, and then the CW renewed it yesterday. Coming up with another season is a nice problem to have. We’ll see where they take it.

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