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Finale Preview (In Pictures): America’s Next Top Model 

Photo Credit: Walter Sassard/The CW

I am so intrigued by this picture. Look at their hair! I know the hairstyles they have going into the finale are intact through the runway stomp-off and the cover girl photo shoot. I’m so curious to see what happens after that that results in them both getting cute – but dramatic – hair cuts.

Photo credit: Pierpaolo Ferrari/Pottle Productions Inc.

There’s no disputing that Molly’s a gorgeous girl and I think this might be the softest we’ve ever seen her look. I really like this photo, actually. I’ve wanted to see a less scary/mean/fierce face and I think she pulls it off here.

Photo credit: Pierpaolo Ferrari/Pottle Productions Inc.

Brittani doesn’t really impress me in person but she takes some great photos. In fact, I’m not sure there’s been a photo shoot with her that I haven’t liked. I love the placement of her hands in this shot – it really elevates the image for me. I think this is the more striking Cover Girl photo of the two.

Who gets named America’s Next Top Model? Right now I would be happy to see either one of them take the crown. I am leaning slightly towards Brittani but I won’t be upset if it’s Molly. Who do you want to see win and why?

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