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Finale Preview: Booth and Brennan Go Undercover Again on Bones 

Photo Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Like you I’m wondering what went on in bed between Booth and Brennan last week. Maybe we’ll get an answer this week, maybe we won’t. I hope we do but I won’t be devastated if Hart Hanson et al. make us wait until September. I am excited, however, that last week wasn’t the season finale. I’m glad Booth and Brennan get to work on one more case before the hiatus. And I love that they go undercover again as Buck Moosejaw and Wanda. This time they’re a couple but not married. Interesting. This time they’re not under the bigtop they’re in a bowling alley. Interesting. This time Max needs their help when one of his bowling buddies turns up dead. What’s interesting there is Max observes their dynamic and questions it.

Bonus: Kevin Alejandro guests.

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/FOX

I can’t leave Angela and Hodgins out in the cold. Cam’s boyfriend makes a cameo to bring their little bundle of joy into the world and from this photo we can see Bones and Booth decided on the rabbit. That says a lot about the state of their relationship, doesn’t it?

UPDATE: I’m not sure where I heard/read that Cam’s boyfriend would make an appearance in the finale, but obviously he didn’t. It makes me wonder if he and Cam are still together…

Bonus: I can’t wait to see Hodgins acting like a fool when Angela’s goes into labor. He was so panicky (and cute) the last time it looked like their baby was ready to enter the world.

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