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The Last Straw: If Lisa Edelstein Won’t Be Around for Season 8 of House, Neither Will I 

Photo Credit: FOX

Sometimes it takes so little to push you over the edge and today the news that Lisa Edelstein won’t be returning to House it what did it for me. Full disclosure: I’ve been thinking a lot about breaking with House recently. I haven’t even watched this week’s episode because I’m not convinced I’m invested enough. I know his behavior is nothing new, but I’ve been fed up for a while. I just can’t bring myself to care and I know that’s not good at all. Maybe Lisa Edelstein is abandoning ship at the exact right time. Whatever the truth of the situation (maybe they lowballed her? maybe she’s unhappy with the creative direction of the show?), I’m right there with her.

Cuddy’s storyline isn’t done (no matter what happened in the finale, I believe this) so I wonder how they’re going to write her off. I don’t think things were finished between her and House either. Yes, I’m one of those. I was a huge Huddy shipper and I liked that their relationship was softening House around the edges. I liked that he was happy for the first time in years. It was very interesting to see how this relationship affected his work and his relationship with his team. I liked it all. I thought it was new and different. And now it’s back to House misbehaving and everyone putting up with it because he’s such a brilliant doctor. I call bullshit. I wouldn’t want someone like House to treat me even if he was the most brilliant medical mind on the planet. I’m tired of him and his puzzles. I’m tired of his only real friend being Wilson. I’m tired of him mistreating everyone. I’m just tired.

And maybe that’s a bit of what Lisa Edelstein (and her alter ego) was feeling when she made this decision. I have to say I’m proud of her. To walk away from a guaranteed paycheck and explore what else is out there has to be tough. But I’m a fan and I’m definitely interested to see what she’ll do next. We’ll take this step together. So House, it’s been nice knowing you but I’m done.

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