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We Need to Know: Will Alexis Graduate Early on Castle? 

Photo Credit: ABC

I honestly can’t imagine how Castle will go on without Alexis in his life. Yes, that’s dramatic but when she goes off to college I feel like Castle will be lost at sea – especially if it’s as far away as Stanford. Although Castle fashions himself the parent, a lot of the time it seems like Alexis is raising him. They have such a great relationship though; I love their father/daughter dynamic. He’s not going to have an easy time letting go of her. In fact, when she does go to college (whether it’s on early or regular admission), Castle’s going to need Beckett. Big time.

I’ve heard some whispers that Alexis will in fact SPOILER ALERT get in to Stanford early and attend. I truly have mixed emotions. I think Molly Quinn hits just the right note as the intelligent, conscientious, but still playful Alexis. She and Nathan Fillion feel like a real father and daughter and it makes me care about that relationship so much more. It’s been fun to watch them “grow up” together. I know Castle will ultimately be happy for Alexis when she goes to college – no matter when or where that is – but he needs time to adjust. I’m sure he had her whole senior year planned out in his head and had mapped out a strategy for gradually letting her go. I’m getting sad just thinking about it! But Alexis knows what’s right for her and Castle will support her, even if it kills him. I don’t know if Alexis and Ashley have what is takes to make it but I’m glad Alexis wants to give it a try; I’m rooting for them. Alexis needs to make her own decisions (with the loving guidance of her father) and take flight from the nest. It’ll be hard on all of us. And it’s not like we’ll never see her again. I’m sure she’ll come home for all the holidays because Castle will demand it. Ok, that just means we need to make sure the time we have with Alexis now really counts. I know we’ll see her again (and we’ll see her constantly before she leaves), but I think I need time to adjust too. I’m not ready.

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