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Hawaii Five-0 “Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau (Until the End is Near)” 

Photo Credit: CBS

I didn’t get around to recapping the episode two weeks ago because it was an episode of yawn (aside from Chin Ho Kelly taking out a loan to cover his uncle’s theft of the $200K) and then last week’s episode seemed to jump right into things that had apparently been happening offscreen (booo!). Exhibit A: G-Girl is suited up to storm a house with the 5-0s until McGarrett remembers she’s not an agent and handcuffs her to a car door (which lasts about two minutes). Exhibit B: Apparently Danny and Rachel are possibly, maybe, sort of reconciled despite the fact she’s still officially Mrs. Stan. And there’s only one more episode this season to deal with those two things. Come on!

We start with a potential barnstorming where Wo Fat is supposedly holed up, but instead they find Sang Min, and as everybody takes off in pursuit, Danny ends up in an adjacent house where he finds a dead man on the kitchen floor. This unrelated finding sets up the actual case of the week, as Danny falls victim to the neurotoxin and the team has to chase down who the dead man is, why he was killed, and whether the toxin is part of a greater threat.

The case is solved fairly systematically as they learn that the house is owned by a couple whose recently fired groundskeeper had given a homeless man the key so he had a place to crash and eat. The homeless man is who Danny found in the kitchen. The poisoning was actually intended for the woman who owned the house because she was putting the kibosh on an affair her brother-in-law (a wasted James Remar) was having with his secretary. The poison was handy for the secretary because their company had been contacted about the containers used for transporting the toxin. Jenna was useful in getting info on the poison, and it all shook out to be a jilted lover scenario.

Over at Chin Ho Kelly’s guiltarama, the IA guys run the serial numbers on the money Kelly produces and find out it’s not the stolen cash, which runs counter to Kelly’s understanding that the serial numbers hadn’t been logged. Steve finds out and tells Kelly to return the money and get his house back. Kono can only look on and be concerned about what this means for Kelly and their uncle.

On the Danny front, when he’s felled, Steve goes to get Grace from school because Rachel and Stan are out of town. Steve brings her to the hospital just as he’s waking up and seems like he’ll be OK. Kamekona arrives with a partial bucket of Hawaiian chicken and Danny asks him to find out what’s going on with Sang Min.

Then Rachel shows up and she and Danny are friendly, and she kisses his forehead, and then she drops a comment about not knowing whether she can stay in her marriage (huh?). When McGarrett comes by, he finds a sleeping Rachel draped across Danny’s bed and he and Danny exchange a silent “that’s new” kind of look.

When Danny is discharged, he comes to work and McGarrett asks him how long that’s been going on, and he says a few weeks. But we don’t know whether that means flirting or dating or full-on cheating… Just as the boys are hugging it out, Sang Min walks into the precinct and requests asylum because there’s nowhere safe for him to hide from Wo Fat on the island. Dun. Dun. DUN!

And that’s our setup for the finale tomorrow night.

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